Canada Immigration

Canada is one of the countries in the world which provides ideal opportunities & living conditions for an individual who wishes to migrate and settle abroad. Canada Immigration trends have risen up sharply over the past few years from all parts of the world. Residents of UAE seem to opt for Canadian migration increasingly because of the benefits & opportunities that the country could offer.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada from the UAE, it is necessary that you do some background research about Canada immigration programs and which exactly would be feasible for you to migrate! Below listed are the Canada immigration pathways which you could choose to migrate to Canada from UAE:

1. Express Entry System: -

The Canadian Express Entry System is one of the fastest ways through which you can immigrate to Canada from the UAE. The Express Entry System is operated and controlled by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Under the Express Entry System, applicants can migrate to Canada under the following streams:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

This stream helps individuals who possess the skills that are required for Canadian Immigration.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program

Individuals who are skilled in technical or skilled trade occupations can migrate to Canada from UAE.

The Canadian Experience Class

Individuals who already have a considerable period of work or experience in Canada can migrate under this stream.

The Express Entry helps an individual aspiring to immigrate to Canada from the UAE to obtain a Canadian PR Visa. Get in touch with us for guided assistance and to know the process behind it.

2. Quebec Skilled Worker Program: -

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program allows individuals to immigrate to the bilingual Quebec province. The province has its own set of immigration rules and selects individuals accordingly. Individuals can migrate under the Skilled worker, business & investor programs etc.,

3. Provincial Nominee Program: -

The Provincial Nominee Program is a special kind of Canada immigration program which grants the right to the province to select eligible candidates to apply for immigration. Every single Canadian province has its own provincial nominee program and selects applicants based on its market needs. On receiving a provincial nomination certificate from a particular province, he/she becomes eligible to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. Some of the widely recognized Provincial Nominee Programs are:

  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program & more.,

Key Requirements & Conditions to Immigrate to Canada from the UAE: -
As always, immigrating to a foreign land requires the immigrant to meet certain conditions. Below listed are the conditions to immigrate to Canada from the UAE an applicant has to fulfill:

  • English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS most probably)
  • Medical Clearance Certificate
  • Educational Credential Assessment Report
  • Score minimum points based on factors like age, education, experience etc., by applying online.
  • Meet the immigration program requirements.

How CanApprove Can Help You to Immigrate to Canada from UAE?

CanApprove has been helping individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada from UAE by providing them reliable immigration services. We make sure that our clients are fed with up to date immigration information and they are given the best possible suggestions & advice. We guide them throughout the entire immigration process right from processing the documents until the part where you get yourself comfortable in a Canadian province. CanApprove helps & provides you with:

  • Free Assessment & Counselling
  • Review on Rejection and Appeal Guidance
  • Training for Embassy Interview
  • Preparing Financial Papers
  • Authenticating Documents
  • Filling & Filing Applications
  • Acquiring Work, Residence Permits etc.,
  • Pre-Departure & Post-Landing Services & more.,

Get in touch with us now for a free consultation with one of our immigration experts and know your possibilities to immigrate to Canada from UAE.