Canada Start-up Visa

The Canadian land is often being looked upon as an ideal place for immigrants to migrate and establish their own business. This results in the self-growth of the individual as well as the economic growth of the Canadian economy. The Canada Start-up Visa is an ideal immigration option for people who look forward to start & establish a new business and settle in one of the Canadian provinces.

What is Canada Start-up Visa?

The Canada Start-up Visa, also known as the Canada Entrepreneur Visa allows foreign individuals who look forward to immigrate to Canada with the prospect of being successful by starting a business over there. It necessarily does not mean that an individual should only start off with a new business, he/she can also expand an existing business.
Requirements to apply for a Canadian Start-up Visa: -
An individual aspiring to migrate under the Canadian Start-up Visa should meet certain eligibility requirements. The applicant should also have the necessary skills and the potential to establish a business in Canada which is quite innovative and could create jobs for Canadian residents and compete worldwide. Below mentioned are the eligibility criteria an applicant has to meet in order to be eligible to migrate under the Canada Start-up Visa Program.
  1. Should Have a Qualifying Business: -

A qualifying business means that he/she should have created a business that meets the following requirements.
  • The applicants should hold 10% or more of the voting rights.
  • The applicant should hold more than 50% of the total voting rights when attached to all outstanding corporation shared.
  • The applicant should show that the business is active & ongoing during the time of obtaining a permanent resident visa.
  1. Gain Support from a Designated Organization: -

The applicant needs to obtain the support of a business group which would provide support and invest in their business. This is one of the mandatory conditions without which the applicant cannot obtain a Canadian Entrepreneur Visa.
  1. Meet Language Requirements: -

The country looks for applicants who have good English language proficiency. He/she should take up IELTS Exam and secure the required score in order to be eligible for the Canada Start-up Visa program.
  1. Carry Along Enough Funds to Settle: -

Applicants who have obtained a Canada Start-up Visa should have with themselves enough money to live and settle in Canada. The minimum amount required depends on the number of members in the family.

Benefits of Migrating Under Canadian Start-up Visa Program: -

The Canadian government provides business immigrants ideal situations to establish a business. Advantages of starting a business in Canada include:
  • An economy that is quite strong & robust and completely reliable.
  • A low tax system making it less stressful for individuals.
  • Low business costs which make business immigrants thrive in Canada.
  • Allowing residents to lead a high standard of life.

How can Migrating Under Canada Start-up Visa Help You in Your Life?

Canada Start-up Visa is an ideal way for you to explore your entrepreneurship skills and helps you to increase your standard of living by establishing a business in Canada. Over the years, a huge number of people have immigrated to Canada under the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa and have achieved strides of success & prosperity. CanApprove has been helping people to immigrate for the past 20 years making sure that every potential individual gets the opportunity to live a life that he/she deserves. CanApprove can help you to make your immigration dreams come true with absolute perfection and professional approach which has always been our way of working! Migrate to Canada through the Canadian Start-up Visa now! Get in touch with our immigration experts to know more about the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa and get your eligibility checked for free!