Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

Cyprus is an island country that is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean region and is a popular destination among the world’s population for its scenic beauty and its fast-track immigration procedures. It’s no wonder that a lot of people look forward to immigrate to Cyprus taking into consideration the benefits the country offers to its immigrants & residents. Cyprus Citizenship by investment is an ideal way for individuals to become a citizen of Cyprus.

What is the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program?

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program is for individuals who have a high net worth and wish to settle in the country of Cyprus. Obtaining a Cyprus Citizenship by Investment can bring forward to the individual an endless number of benefits and the most important is the high standard of living life.

Investment Options to Immigrate Under the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program: -

The individual willing to immigrate to Cyprus under Cyprus Citizenship by Investment will have to make an investment in the economy of Cyprus. He/she will have four ways to do the same:
  • The applicant can make an investment in a real estate, land development or an infrastructure project for a sum of at least 2 million euros (it could be in residential or commercial development projects, infrastructure projects & more).
  • The applicant can also make a minimum investment of 2 million euros or get him/herself involved/participate in a business that is being active in the Republic of Cyprus. The applicant should make sure that his/her created business should employ at least a minimum of five individuals who are either citizens of Cyprus or Europe.
  • Another investment option the applicant gets to have is the option to invest at least 2 million euros in Cyprus organization or companies. The investor must make sure that he/she maintains the asset purchased for a period of three years.
  • Applicants can also make a combined investment of the above-mentioned investment options with a minimum investment of 2 million euros.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Cyprus for Citizenship by Investment: -

Every country has its own unique reasons which states why an individual should consider migrating there. Similarly, Cyprus has its own set of reasons stating why one should immigrate to Cyprus.
  • The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program is a fast-track immigration procedure which allows individuals to obtain a citizenship status within a period of three months.
  • Though the applicant need not have to fulfil any stay requirements he/she has to make a visit to Cyprus once in every seven years.
  • The applicant does not need to meet any language requirements.
  • Parents of the applicant can also be considered eligible for Cyprus Citizenship provided they have a house in Cyprus or a share in the primary applicant’s property.
  • The government of Cyprus allows the individual to possess dual citizenship.
  • He/she on obtaining a Cyprus Citizenship gets the right to live, study & work in any part of Europe.
  • The country is an excellent holiday destination with its beautiful landscapes and excellent weather year-round.
  • Cyprus is also considered as one of the safest countries in the world with a comparatively lesser population than many other countries.

Qualification to Immigrate Under the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program: -

The applicants should meet some prerequisites in order to be considered eligible for the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program. They are:
  • He/she should have a valid passport and should have no conviction records.
  • The applicant should be a resident of Cyprus before he/she applies for Citizenship (the simultaneous processing would make it easy for the individuals).
  • The applicant should have a residential property in Cyprus which is worth a minimum of €500,000.
  • The applicant should have made a total investment amount of 2 million Euros in the Cyprus economy through any one of the investment options mentioned above.
Cyprus is a country that has been showing eminent economic growth for the past few years and offering its residents & citizens a standard quality of life. The government of Cyprus welcomes immigrants who look forward to invest in the economy of Cyprus and grants them the citizenship status. To know more about the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment and to immigrate to Cyprus, get in touch with our team of experts!