Dominica Citizenship by Investment

The Dominican country which is well-known for its beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty has been actively attracting immigrants for more than the past two decades. The country is rich in nature with not just beautiful sceneries & landscapes but there’s more that Dominica can offer to its citizens & residents. An individual can make use of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment if he/she wants to immigrate to Dominica.

What is Dominica Citizenship by Investment?

Dominica Citizenship by Investment, an immigration program that was brought into existence during 1993, offers the opportunity for families & individuals to immigrate to Dominica and obtain citizenship of the country. Dominica Citizenship by Investment has crossed its 20 – year mark and is still functioning successively taking in applicants who could provide positive growth to the economy.

Investment Options to Immigrate Under Dominica Citizenship by Investment: -

The government of Dominica has offered individuals investment options through which he/she can immigrate to Dominica. Under Dominica Citizenship by Investment program, an individual can make use of the following investment options:

The Economic Diversification Fund Option

The Economic Diversification Fund is one of the investment options that the government has given to immigrants. The applicant has to make a significant contribution to the government which would help the growth of the economy. The primary applicant has to make an investment amount of USD 100,000 if he/she wants to immigrate under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.

Investing in Real Estate

The applicant wishing to immigrate to Dominica under the real estate option should buy government-approved property in Dominica. The value of the property that is to be purchased should be a minimum of USD 200,000 and for including a spouse under immigration, the primary applicant has to pay an additional application fee of USD 10,000.

How to Apply for Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program: -

The applicant has to go through a series of processes and meet certain requirements to apply and be eligible for the Citizenship by Investment Program. The applicant should basically be a person of good character and be aged above 18 years which is the primary requirement. The application processing for Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program will take an approximate of 3 months once all the necessary documents have been collected & submitted by the applying individual. To know more about the procedures as of how to apply, get in touch with us.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program: -

Obtaining a dual citizenship can be of great benefits to the individual. Dominica gives you several reasons why you should choose Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program and become a citizen of Dominica.
  • Obtaining a Citizenship status in Dominica helps the individual diversify his/her financial investments which is often suggested by market experts.
  • On obtaining Dominica passport, an individual eventually will make his/her international travel easier.
  • The individual can retain his/her citizenship for the remaining of her life and has the right to live & work in the country.
  • On obtaining citizenship status in Dominica, he/she becomes eligible to pass down their status to their future generations.
  • The applicant need not renounce their previous country’s citizenship status and can possess dual citizenship.
  • The individual can travel visa-free and obtain their visa on arrival to over 115 countries. Some of the countries are the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong & more.,
  • The processing of a citizenship under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment is quite fast and the process is transparent.
  • The applicant need not have any previous business experience.
  • The applicant does not have to fulfil any residency requirements in Dominica at any times during the processing of the application.
The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the ideal immigration programs an individual gets to choose, which allows him/her to lead a life with absolute prosperity & harmony. To know more about the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, get in touch with our team of experts