Free Zone Entities Dubai

Businesses often stumble and find it hard to cope up with the quick pace the world is moving at and requires feasible alternatives to be found. The competition is too vague and businesses often get hit by external factors. Making a presence in multiple locations could be an ideal solution to sustain in this heavily competitive world. Free Zone Entities grants the opportunity to move your business to parts of United Arab Emirates and grow your presence all over the world. Gaining a local presence in one of the highly developing regions like UAE could bring enormous benefits to your business.

Advantages of Establishing a Company in UAE Free Zone: –

  • The person who sets up or establishes a company gets to enjoy 100% foreign ownership.
  • The establishing person and his/her company staffs can obtain residence visas.
  • No tax or very light tax is imposed on the business.
  • The recruitment process is quite easy in the regions of UAE.
  • Office rents are significantly lower in regions other than Dubai.
  • The business gets innumerable support from the free zone.
  • License fees are to be paid annually & more.

We are quite industrious and we can offer you the following services:

  • We help in opening bank accounts and monitor the same.
  • Organize directors & shareholders meeting at ease.
  • We take care after the renewal of business licenses annually.
  • Share Certificates play a very important role in a business and we ensure utmost safety to the same.
  • We assist in registering and establishing companies in Free Zone Entities in Dubai and UAE.
We at CanApprove ensure in every possible way that your dream of settling in UAE is made into a reality by guiding you & helping you throughout. With the necessary team of experts to take care of the formalities & procedures, we ensure you brighter opportunities ahead. Embrace and transform your business by establishing your presence in UAE.