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Immigrants in tech industry choose Canada over US for immigration

Thanks to the stricter visa rules being implemented by the US, immigrants in tech industry are increasingly choosing Canada over the US for immigration. This situation has proved favourable for Canada and more international tech workers are now preferring Canada over the US, which has resulted in the technology sector of Canada booming. Vast career opportunities and faster and simpler immigration procedures are increasingly attracting immigrants in tech industry from different parts of the world to Canada.

The tougher immigration laws implemented by the Trump administration have made it harder for international tech workers to get US visa. The approval rate of the H-1B visa dropped from 92% in 2015 to 75% in Canada under the Trump administration. This has negatively affected the tech firms in Canada which are currently facing a scarcity of skilled tech workers to fill vacant positions.  On the contrary, Canada has been taking some serious efforts in the past few years to attract skilled tech workers from across the world to the country. The most important among these is the introduction of the Global Talent Stream under which visa applications from tech workers are processed within just two weeks.

Besides the low approval rate of visa applications, the delay in approval as well as the high cost of application is also turning immigrants in tech industry away from the US. The high rejection rate has also made US companies reluctant to sponsor foreign workers.

Other than immigrants in tech industry, many US-based tech firms are also moving northwards across the border with an aim to tap the easy availability of skilled tech workers in Canada. Major US tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Intel and Uber have already expanded their presence to Canada or are planning to do so.

Canadian city of Toronto has overtaken Silicon Valley as the fastest-growing tech city in North America. Though the tech industry in Toronto has been growing at a faster pace in the past few years, the stricter immigration rules of the US is further boosting the city’s tech industry. All these facts indicate that Canada has already overtaken the US as the most favourite destination for immigrants in tech industry.

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