Our Team

Veronica Moye, RCIC


Veronica Moye,is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC License #R422511) and a licensed education & legal consultant. She is a Canadian citizen, a graduate of the University of British Columbia in Canada and specializes in Canadian immigration laws & educational processes.

Drew Moye

(Vice President)

Mr Drew Moye, was born and raised in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. He has 9 years of management experience and has been managing CanApprove’s Head Office in Canada since its inception. He is also the International Education Co-coordinator and heads the settlement support services; assisting CanApprove’s clients to adapt to the Canadian life and culture when they land in Canada.

Ms. Bindu Kurup

(Australian Immigration lawyer)

Ms Bindu Kurup, is CanApprove’s leading Australian Immigration Lawyer. She is a Principal Solicitor under the Rolls of Law Board (Victoria, Australia), a member of the Law Institute of Victoria, Australia. Ms Kurup has a post-graduate degree in International Law from La Trobe University in Australia.

Adv. Binoy .P.R

(Managing Director)

Adv Mr P.R. Binoy, has 21 years of experience in Immigration Law practices. He is a highly qualified and skilled advisor on matters related to immigration, labor, and criminal laws as well as educational visa procedures. He is a well-known and highly regarded advocate within the Indian community and has technical experience with profile and background assessment tools. He has established himself in the legal community with a registered office and registration ID #K/693/1998. He is one of the pioneers of Immigration law practice in India.

Adv. Sajitha Binoy

(Immigration lawyer)

Adv Ms. Sajitha Binoy is responsible for the administration of CanApprove. In addition to being a member of the prestigious Kerala Bar Council for 18 years (ID#K/3383/1999), she has extensive experience in immigration, labour, motor vehicle, family and adoption law procedures.