US EB 5 Permanent Residency Program

The United States of America more commonly known as the USA or the US is one of the world’s most leading countries with over a population of 320 million making it the third most populated country, having its capital as Washington D.C. The US is considered as one of the best places to immigrate if you are considering a new place to start off with. Obtaining a Permanent Residency in the USA could help you as an individual to enjoy a lot of benefits and one ideal immigration program that you should consider is the US EB 5 Permanent Residency Program.

What is the US EB 5 Permanent Residency Program?

The US EB 5 Permanent Residency Program also known as the EB 5 Immigrant Investor Program was initially introduced during 1990 and provides an opportunity for eligible individuals to become permanent residents of the US by investing & creating employment. The US EB 5 permanent residency in the long run improved both the economy & the foreign investments within the rural area and areas that have high unemployment.

Eligibilities to Immigrate Under the US EB 5 Permanent Residency Program: -

The individual willing to immigrate to US under the US EB 5 Permanent Residency Program should meet certain requirements as specified by the US Government:
  • The individual should make a minimum capital investment of $1 million.
  • The capital requirement might be decreased to $500,000 if the investment is about to be made in a commercial entity situated in an area that is a targeted employment area (TEA).
  • With the capital investment that the applicant invests, the Regional Centres should be able to create a minimum of at least 10 direct or indirect jobs. (The Regional Centres have an administration fee of an approximate of $50,000).
  • The applicant should be having a complete control over the money he/she is about to invest.
  • Individuals should take note that contacting & applying to the right Regional Centre is quite important for the applicant to get his/her permanent residency. Seeking professional advice would be the best option to ensure there are delays and hassles during the processing.

Benefits of Obtaining a US Permanent Resident Visa: -

The Right to Live & Work in USA: -

Once the applicant gets a Permanent Resident Visa, he/she becomes free to work & reside in the United States permanently. The applicant does not have to have any other authorizations to work in the US on obtaining a permanent resident Visa.
The Freedom to Travel: -
Travelling to and from and within USA comes with no restrictions to the respective individual. The applicant can also live in any part of the US without any restrictions and the only additional measure to secure his/her permanent residency is when the holder is planning to stay abroad for a period of more than six months.

The Ability to Sponsor Relatives: -

Once the applicant becomes a PR holder he/she becomes eligible to sponsor their relatives to the US. Relatives can also obtain their green cards and live & work in US provided they meet certain eligibility requirements.

Other Benefits of Obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa: -

The individual on obtaining a PR Visa under the US EB 5 Permanent Residency Program gets to enjoy a lot of benefits like taxation benefits, insurance coverage, retirement benefits, the right to own a property & more. He/she need not worry about the renewal of their permeant resident status for the next 10 years of obtaining a PR Visa. The US EB 5 Permanent Resident Program is one ideal way to immigrate to USA. Applicants get to enjoy a lot of benefits and thereby contribute to the positive growth of the economy. Get in touch with us to know more about the US EB 5 Permanent Resident Visa Program.