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    Meet CanApprove – The Most Trusted Australia Immigration Consultant in Dubai

    CanApprove is among the best immigration consultants for Australia with a proven track record of suggesting the least processing time for various visa types including Australia work visas from Dubai, student visas, business or investor visas, family visas, and Australia PR.

    CanApprove enjoys its rich legacy and trusted immigration & overseas education consultancy since 1998. We are a registered migration agent for Australia with a global presence managed by a veteran team of registered immigration consultants and experienced counselors.

    As your Australia immigration consultants in Dubai, CanApprove successfully processes 90% of applications in about 20 months and 75% of applications within 12 months, with variations based on case to case. You may apply for an Australian visa close to you in Dubai! We also have a formidable presence in other cities in UAE, Qatar, and India.

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    We are licensed!

    Legitimacy is our identity! We are registered by the CICC – College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants Canada and are widespread across the globe, in Canada, Australia, Dubai and India. And ours is a veteran team of immigration coordinators with proven experience in immigration.


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    Why Choose CanApprove?


    We have a long-standing legacy in the immigration industry and are proving our excellence every day.


    We will offer a personalized counselling experience to figure out what you actually want and what program actually suits you.


    We don’t choose people for programs, instead, we provide the right programs to the people.


    Giving what you want is our objective and we cater to utmost professionalism, credibility, and transparency.

    Our Immigration Services

    We are one of the best immigration consultants in dubai administered by expert immigration law practitioners. If you are looking to migrate to Canada, then it’s CanApprove for you which has the best immigration lawyers in dubai. Especially, Canapprove supports clients in getting Canada PR and is registered by the Canada Immigration council. It’s for which CanApprove is termed as the best PR consultant in dubai.

    We offer immigration services to Canada and Australia. If you are looking for immigration services, CanApprove will cover it all from counseling to visa stamping.






    Top Industries for Work Visas in Australia in 2023

    Here is a list of the top industries in Australia promising rapid growth in the next three years:

    • Healthcare
    • Education and Training
    • Information Technology
    • Engineering
    • Human Resources
    • Hospitality
    • Professional Scientific Services
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Construction

    Genuine immigration consultants are here to guide you through the complete skilled occupation list in Australia and advice the best options for Australia migration from Dubai.

    Simplifying Migration to Australia from Dubai

    The current order of priority for processing applications under provisional and permanent skilled visas to Australia –

    • Healthcare or teaching occupation applications
    • Employer-sponsored visas (applicants nominated by a sponsor with accredited status)
    • Visas for a designated regional area
    • Visas for permanent and provisional visa subclasses
    • All other visa applications

    STEP 1: Check your employment options

    Interested applicants can find a suitable job opportunity with employers in Australia or set up and operate their businesses there.

    STEP 2: Assess your core human capital

    Calculate your eligibility for direct permanent residency using our Australia PR points calculator – young age, higher education, work & language experience can boost your chances.

    STEP 3: Determine your choice of visa

    Australian visa options from UAE will depend on pathways like employer-nominated, skilled migration, and business or family migration.

    STEP 4: Submit EOI using SkillSelect (optional)

    Applicants must use the official free online system called SkillSelect to make an Expression of Interest (EOI) for skilled visa provincial nomination.

    STEP 5: Apply for an Australia visa

    The general rule for immigration to Australia is that the faster you start planning, the better it is. Register your profile with us and we will help further.

    STEP 6: Prepare to move to Australia

    Immigrants are concentrated in the provinces of New South Wales and Victoria. Recent skilled immigrants are preferring regional areas of Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.

    Decoding Australia PR Benefits with CanApprove

    Australia is welcoming 190,000 new immigrants during the program year 2023-24. The country has recently posted over 400,000 job vacancies in Tech and Healthcare sectors. Anyone in the core working age group (18-44 years) has the best chance to apply for an Australia visa and eventually, Australia permanent residency visa.

    Benefits of having Australia PR include rights on par with citizens, for example, free education for your children, affordable healthcare facilities, various social security benefits, and unlimited renewal for permanent stay, except voting franchise.

    Avail of the best consultancy for Australia PR on available pathways from UAE including

    • Skilled Independent stream – Subclass 189
    • Global Talent (Independent) stream
    • Distinguished Talent stream
    • State/Territory Nominated stream – Subclass 190
    • Regional stream – Subclass 491
    • Employer-Sponsored stream
    • Business Innovation and Investment stream

    Our Team of Counsellors

    Our team of consultants has been consistent in delivering reliable immigration services. Our immigration counsellors have years of experience in guiding and facilitating clients who aspire to immigrate to Australia, Canada and Poland.

    At CanApprove, we provide services designed to equip clients with comprehensive and up-to-date information and solution-driven advice. With the aim to make the complex immigration process as simple, quick, and easy as possible for our clients.

    The Immigration Consultants at CanApprove are qualified, highly trained, and have extensive knowledge about the immigration processes.

    You will get to receive immaculate immigration counselling from profile evaluation, followed by immigration stream selection, documentation and visa stamping. Looking for immigration consultants in dubai? We are a click away. Connect with us

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take for migrating to Australia from Dubai?

    Australian visa process usually takes 6 to 8 months for you to receive your permit after submission. However, the processing time varies from case to case.

    When is the right time to plan for skilled migration to Australia?

    Strike the iron when it is hot. You may postpone your plan to migrate to Australia but this decade is one of the best periods to launch your global ambitions. Australia is increasing its annual intake targets and favoring more overseas skilled immigrants to sustain its economy. Don’t fall behind!

    Is CanApprove Dubai a registered migration agent for Australia?

    Yes, the CanApprove office in Dubai receives universal support from other branches of CanApprove spread across the Middle East, India, and Australia. Our registered migration agent for Australia will offer expert guidance on your application.

    How much does it cost for Australia migration from Dubai?

    The macro costs involved in migrating to Australia from Dubai include the Visa Application Charge by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), the Application fee for sponsorship, and the Application Fee for Skills Assessment, in addition to counseling and documentation charges (if taken).

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