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    Australia has been a strong economy, where people from around the world try to migrate. With its huge diversity, overall quality of life and the amazing landscapes, Australia remains to be on top of the list, when planning to move to another country. The best is that Australia’s migration program does not discriminate by any means. It remains open for anyone, irrespective of ethnic origin, colour, gender and religion. However, one must meet all the criteria that have been set out by the law.

    Permanent resident status in Australia is given to the candidates having permanent residence visas. Notably, the candidates having Australian permanent residence, they do not have Australian citizenship. So, if you are planning to apply for Australian citizenship, you must have lived in Australia on PR for at least 4 years to qualify. However, if making an application for Australian PR, the below-discussed information will be helpful. It will provide all the necessary information regarding the PR.

    Australian PR visa

    Australia provides different options for applying for the Australia PR visa, which allows eligible candidates to be permanent residents in the country. Based on eligibility and the requirements, applicants choose an appropriate option among the ones provided by the government. Some of the popular options for getting the Australian PR are,

    • Subclass 189 visa
    • Subclass 891 visa
    • Subclass 190 visa
    • Business Innovation Stream
    • Investor stream
    • Graduate Work Visa
    • GTI (Global Talent Independent Program)
    • Australian Parent Visa
    • Professional Year Program or PYP

    For more information on the above-written subclasses, refer to the detailed section. It will provide a complete detail of cost, skills assessment requirement, processing time of the PR (6.5 to 8 months in general), visa approval timing, etc.

    Australian Permanent Residence- Eligibility/Requirements

    The applicants for Australian PR are required to have a minimum of 65 points to remain eligible for the Australian PR visa. If one has a higher score as part of the eligibility calculation, the better will be the chances for getting the invitation to apply for Australian PR. If one can score 80 to 85 points, they will be eligible for quick processing of the PR invitation.

    There are different factors based on which the points score is provided. It includes age, education outside or within Australia, work experience outside or within Australia, English proficiency, state sponsorship and alike. To know how points are provided/allocated or earned, refer to the Australia 65 Points Calculator detailed section.

    Apart from the above,

    • Applicants must be below the age of 45 years.
    • Applicants must have had 65 points within the Australian points grid.
    • The applicant must have made a valid skills assessment.
    • The applicant must be able to prove their English proficiency through IELTS or PTE score.
    • Applicants must have proper health insurance.
    • The applicant must provide the police verification certificate.

    Australian PR- Benefits

    Australia definitely has been a popular choice for individuals from worldwide who wish to migrate to any other country. It has favourable factors and the driving economy, which clearly means there are many more jobs in the country. Apart from it, Australia promises quality of life, a multicultural society and much more where all can live in harmony and peace.

    Australia provides permanent residency or a PR visa, and the validity of this visa is 5 years. With the help of this visa, one can easily move to Australia together with their family and then make an application for citizenship after they have lived in Australia for at least 4 years with their Australian PR visa.

    Apart from it, the other benefits associated with permanent residency are,

    • Living and travelling anywhere in Australia.
    • Social security benefits after 2 years.
    • Apply for government jobs.
    • Receive free medical insurance.
    • First home owner grant worth $10,000.
    • Sponsoring the relatives if they are able to meet the prerequisites.
    • Eligibility for working anywhere in Australia.
    • Travelling to New Zealand and making an application for a visa there.
    • Pursuing higher studies in the country and getting the eligibility to make an application for an educational loan at subsidies.

    Australian PR Visa- What Affects the Processing Time?

    Different factors can affect the processing time of the PR. It can be either because of the increased number of applications coming in or the increased number of the complex cases or,

    • Incorrect applications
    • Lack of the supporting documents
    • Delay within the background verification process.
    • Time taken for answering the queries that have been put in by the end of the immigration officers.
    • The demand for the occupation of the applicant in Australia.
    • Inadequate score points by applicants within the SkillSelect online system.
    • Time taken for receiving the information from the end of the external agencies regarding character and help certificate.
    • The number of the places that are available within the migration program.

    Tips for faster processing of Australian PR visa

    To ensure that the Australian PR application gets processed on time, do not submit an incomplete application. Apart from it, for the faster processing of the application meet all the requirements of the application process. Apart from it,

    • Include all the key requirements.
    • Select the correct visa category for making the application.
    • Application within the points-based system.
    • Select the right occupation from the skilled occupation list.
    • Meet with the character and health requirements.
    • Keep track of the progress of the application.

    Australian PR- Rejection Reason

    • Wrong visa type selection and application.
    • Violation of any of the conditions for the previous visa.
    • Inconsistent or incomplete information provided within the visa application.
    • Unable to meet character and the health requirements.
    • Insufficiency of funds.
    • Failure for clearing the visa verification process.
    • Inability for scoring the required score band within the English proficiency test.

    Remember, the immigration authorities make a careful assessment of the entire verification process. They focus on reviewing documents that are sent carefully & thoroughly. One might get barred from entering the country for a certain amount of years if it has been found that they have submitted incorrect or false information. So, make sure you look for any of the inconsistencies before you send out the papers.

    Australian PR – how to get it?

    1. Check eligibility requirements
    See if you meet the eligibility requirements. Find out whether or not the occupation chosen and is present in the occupation in-demand list. Apart from it, see whether or not you have the required points available in for the points table to make an application.

    2. English proficiency test
    One must be able to meet the proficiency test within the English language, and the same can be done by taking some of the specified English language tests. Australian immigration authorities, they accept varied scores that have been received from the valid English ability test, including,

    • IELTS
    • TOEFL
    • PTE, etc.

    3. Skills assessment
    Make sure to get the skills assessed by the end of the skills assessment authority. It is the organisation that will be able to assess one’s education, skills and work experience based on the Australian standards.

    4. Registering for expression of interest
    It must be done through the Australian Skill Select website. In here, fill up the online form that is present on the portal and provide the responses to the questions on which the skills are assessed and based on which the visa application is being made. Three different visa categories are offered by the SkillSelect program, for which one can we can apply to get the PR visa. It includes,

    All the required information, as asked, must be provided to get a successful online application.

    5. Invitation to Apply
    After the application has been submitted and all the requirements have been met through the applicant’s end, they receive an invitation to apply for the Australia PR.

    6. Submitting the PR application
    Applicants are required to submit the PR application within 60 days. All the supporting documents must also be attached with it for processing of the PR visa.

    7. Get the PR visa and move to the country
    This is the last step where one receives the PR visa. So, prepare for the trip to enjoy the benefits provided through the PR visa.

    Receive the needed help on a priority

    To complete the entire process without making any mistake, it is a big deal. At times we do not feel confident about doing the same on our own, and if you are one search person who lacks the confidence to take a step ahead in completing the entire process for the PR Visa on your own, now is the time to consult with the Immigration consultancy or any registered professional agent who will be able to provide unbiased services based on the requirements and needs of the applicant. With their guidance as well as counselling for the Australian immigration, you will receive the timely help for taking a step towards the journey of your dreams. So, go ahead and make a choice. Do not delay the process.



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