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One of the most immigrant-friendly nations in the globe is Canada. Numerous people arrive in Canada each year and make it their home. In addition, Canada needs more skilled employees to make up for its population deficit and labour shortage. Several visa routes include Express Entry, PNPs, AIPP, and others. Receive professional advice to start your Canada immigration procedure!


Australia is one of the largest economies in the world and provides excellent opportunities and livelihood for skilled workers. The culture, job market, and PR advantages are some of the factors of the nation that draw immigrants to the country. Popular immigration routes to Australia include visas under the Skilled Migration Program, such as Subclass 189, Subclass 190, etc. Consult with Australia immigration specialists right away for the best advice!


Poland is a lovely nation in central Europe. Due to the high demand for both skilled and unskilled workers, the nation requires more immigrants. The low expense of living makes it a country with better living conditions and employment possibilities. To work and live in Poland, seek guidance from our Poland Work Permit specialists.

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Let’s backtrack to an early stage. Migration is a habitual phenomenon happening since the medieval ages. And people have been migrating for various reasons like food, shelter, protection, etc…

In the modern world, people migrate to different countries for many potential reasons. They include,

  • Better livelihood
  • Job opportunities
  • Peaceful lifestyle
  • Safety and Security
  • Better healthcare
  • World-class Education

And many more.

When people think they have an embellishing future in a different country, they tend to migrate and lead a life there. Many countries are receptive to foreigners and notably, Canada and Australia are the list toppers of immigrant-friendly countries.

Canada in North America and Australia in Oceania are chosen by a plethora of migration aspirants every year from various parts of the world. Poland in Europe is another country that offers enormous job opportunities and a decent lifestyle for foreign workers. Are you looking for immigration assistance?

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The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants is a regulatory body of Canada that governs the immigration & citizenship process in the country. CanApprove is a CICC-registered Canada immigration consultant, and our license number is #R422511. To enjoy hassle-free and legitimate immigration services, you are always recommended to process your visa with a CICC-registered immigration consultancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best country for migrating?

Canada is one of the best countries to migrate to and start a new life. It stands top in the list of best countries for immigration. Australia is yet another country that’s favorable for migration. Are you looking for an immigration process? Then a consultation at CanApprove is all that you need.

How long will it take to migrate to Canada?

That solely depends on the profile of the applicant and the demand for professionals. Also, there are various streams to migrate to Canada and each stream has a different time stamp for processing. Consult our immigration consultants at CanApprove for a detailed consultation.

What is eligibility for Australian skilled migration?

1.To meet a minimum of 65 points
2.You must have a relevant occupation from the skilled occupation list (MLTSSL, STSOL, ROL)
3.Be under 45 years of age at the time of invitation. The maximum age limit is 45 years

For which countries do canapprove process my visa?

At CanApprove, we offer PR visa services for Canada and Australia.

And student visa services are offered to countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why should I choose registered consultant?

50% of your process’s success depends on selecting the right consultant.

Choosing a registered consultant will ensure the success of your visa and leaves no room for an unprofessional approach or fraudulent



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