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    Quebec Family Class Sponsorship

    Quebec is a province which has the second most-highest population in Canada, all due to its unique immigration policies & the benefits the province offers to its immigrants &residents. The Government of Quebec has several immigration programs for the benefit of its growing economy and immigrants. One such immigration program that offers its immigrants benefits to a huge extent is the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa.

    What is the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa?

    Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa allows an individual to sponsor his/her family members to immigrate to Quebec. Every year, a lot of people get reunited with their families which is also one of the main reasons why people choose to immigrate to Quebec.

    Who Can be a Sponsor Under the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa?

    To sponsor family members under the Quebec Family Sponsorship Visa, an individual has to meet certain requirements. Below listed are the requirements an individual has to fulfill in order to become a sponsor under the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa:

    • Individuals who are only a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada residing in Quebec can sponsor.
    • Individuals should meet financial standards as mentioned by the government of Quebec.
    • The individual should be free from convicts & offences.
    • The individual cannot become a sponsor if he/she is subjected to a removal order or inadmissible report.
    • In case the individual has been receiving financial assistance, then he/she cannot become an eligible sponsor.

    Who Can be Sponsored Under the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa?

    The person who is about to be sponsored under the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa should be a close relative to the sponsor and should meet certain requirements. Relations who are considered eligible to be sponsored are being mentioned below:

    • Spouses, conjugal partners or common-law partners
    • Parents & grandparents
    • A dependent child or an adopted child.
    • Sister, niece, granddaughter, grandson, nephew who are aged below 18 and orphaned.

    The procedure of Applying for the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Program

    • The first step would be to obtain authorization from the Federal Government to Sponsor.
    • The sponsor should sign an undertaking form with the concerned authorities.
    • The sponsored should then apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Status.
    • After meeting the legal requirements, he/she will be granted a Canadian Permanent residence.

    Apart from the above-mentioned points, he/she should ensure that they are financially self-sufficient to support the sponsored persons and should not seek any financial assistance from the government.

    • Individuals who wish to immigrate to Quebec under the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa should have a close relative willing to sponsor them.
    • The application fee for sponsoring a person under the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Visa for a single person is CAD $279 and is CAD $112 for each additional person.
    • The application fee must be paid in full and only in Canadian currency at the time the application is sent.
    • It should be noted that the application fee will not be returned or refunded in case the application is refused or rejected.
    • Payment in cash and cheques are not accepted. Only credit cards, Canada post money order, certified cheque drawn in a Canadian bank, bank draft from a Canadian bank will be accepted.
    • Undertakings will be cancelled only when the sponsor produces false or misleading information or any conditions that are failed to be met.
    • Sponsored Persons can avail Quebec’s health insurance plans provided they meet certain requirements & conditions.

    The Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Program provides ideal opportunities for an individual to sponsor his/her family to immigrate to Quebec. To know more about Quebec Family Class Sponsorship Program and to check your eligibility to become a sponsor, get in touch with our team of experts.


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