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    Quebec PR by Investment

    Quebec is one of the thirteen Canadian provinces which has its own set of immigration programs that functions quite different and stands apart from the other Canadian Immigration programs. Quebec is a province which has a robust economy and a strong multicultural population which is a result of the people immigrating & settling in Quebec from all parts of the world. The Government of Quebec has with it several immigration programs and one program which would allow you to immigrate to Quebec with absolute ease is the Quebec Investor Program.

    What is the Quebec Investor Program?

    The Quebec Investor Program is an immigration program (provincial) that gives an individual the opportunity to obtain a Canadian permanent residence and settle in Quebec. The Quebec Investor Program is also considered as one of the safest investment programs by immigrants and this is one reason why the Quebec Investor Program has gained much popularity among individuals.

    Requirements to Immigrate Under the Quebec Investor Program

    The Quebec Government to select an applicant under the Quebec Investor Program will look for the following conditions to be fulfilled by the applicant.

    • The applicant who wishes to immigrate to Quebec under the Quebec Investor Program should have a minimum investment of CAD $2,000,000 and the same should be verifiable.
    • The individual should also be willing to invest a sum of CAD $1,200,000. The investment made will be a subsidiary investment and the time period would be for five years.
    • The age requirements for the applicant willing to immigrate under the Quebec Investor Program should be between 21 – 55 years.
    • The applicant should have suitable management experience for him/her to immigrate under the Quebec Investor Program. The individual should have had a minimum of at least a 33% Ownership or experience in Senior Management.
    • The immigrating applicant should be able to prove his/her language proficiency to immigrate. He/she can prove their language proficiency by taking up IELTS exams obtaining recommended marks.
    • The individual’s educational qualification should be equal to a Canadian Higher Secondary qualification or above.
    • The applicant should not have had any previous criminal history and should obtain a clearance certificate from his/her origin.
    • The applicant should also be free from any serious/critical health issues.

    Other Things You Should Know About Quebec Investor Program

    • The Quebec Investor Program comes under the Quebec Government bonds.
    • If a dependant is about to come along with an individual, the primary applicant should ensure that the dependant’s age is not above 22 years.
    • The individual can get the permanent resident after making the recommended investment.
    • In order to maintain the PR status, the applicant has to stay in Quebec for a period of two years out of five years on his/her permanent resident status.
    • The applicant can gain a Canadian passport after a period of staying three years out of five years in their permanent resident status.
    • The processing time for a Quebec Investor Program takes an approximate time period between 12 and 44 months which totally depends on where the individual is applying from and certain other considerable factors.
    • The government of Quebec will be receiving up to 1900 applications under the Quebec Investor Program between September 10, 2018 and March 15, 2019.
    • The application fee for Quebec Investor Program would be an approximate of CAD $15,111.

    The Quebec Investor Program is one of Canada’s most popular immigrant investor programs. To know more about the Quebec Investor Program and the procedures to immigrate, get in touch our team of experts and get your eligibility to migrate to Canada checked for free!



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