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    Australia PR by Investment

    Being a wealthy country of the world in terms of culture, tech, landspaces, quality of life and whatnot, Australia carries an excellent reputation. The country is not just developed but has a multicultural environment which makes it higher on the human development index. It also provides the people economic freedom, excellent life quality, protection of civil liberties as well as political rights and 10% compulsory superannuation or the pension that remains payable by the employers. With all that offerings, today, Australia is a highly popular destination for the immigrants.

    The Australian passport is said to be one of the greatest passports in the world, and the holders of this passport can easily visit Europe’s Schengen area for around 90 days in a period of 180 days and the United States for 90 days. The country also provides an immigration system where one can gain PR by investment. So, if you are one such individual looking for Australian PR by investment, the below-mentioned information is for you. Make sure to give it a read, and if needed, seek the help of a professional who can guide you along.

    Permanent residence in Australia by investment

    The immigration system of Australia is quite objective. It is merit-based and comes with some predictable outcomes. The permanent residents are required to live in the country for a time period of at least 2 years or as demonstrated and must show some significant ties within Australia to maintain their residence status, only then will they be able to fulfil eligibility criteria and take a step ahead.

    Generally, the minimum contribution under the investor stream requires AUD 2.5 million, and the visa processing time is 12 months (varies based on visa type). The key benefit of it is that it provides an approx. of 5 years of citizenship, and the permanent residents, they are required to live in Australia for at least a time period of 2 years in the 5 years period.

    The Department of Immigration of Australia they have a priority processing tier in which all those visa applications that can yield great benefits to Australia get assessed more quickly than the ones offering lesser benefits.

    The visa applications are required to meet some of the criteria that have been prescribed towards the appropriate visa subclass. Such criteria include either the requirement provided at the time of lodgement or at the time of the decision, or both. The visa applications might get refused in case if the applicant is unable to demonstrate meeting the criteria at the correct time.

    Requirements for the Investors

    There are certain requirements associated with getting Australia PR by Investment. Concerning it, the Applicant must

    • not be above the age of 55.
    • be nominated by the end of the Australian state government.
    • have business experience and legal source of the money.
    • have certain points within the points test conducted.
    • be able to meet the character requirement.
    • not be in any kind of debt with the Australian government.
    • not have previously cancelled or rejected visas.
    • Have an adequate amount of insurance coverage for the time period they are going to live in Australia.
    • Have the IELTS certificate to prove the English proficiency.
    • Meet up with the health requirements.
    • Not have the certificate of the criminal record in the countries wherein the applicants have lived for a time period of 1 year in the past 10 years.
    • Sign the Australian values statement.
    • Obey all of the Australian laws.
    • Have the intention for continuing the business or the investment activities within Australia.

    Business Innovation and Investment program

    In here, 4 visa streams are provided. A discussion of the same has been made below.

    1. Business Innovation Stream

    • Applicants are required to pass the points-test.
    • One must have a successful business career and a business turnover that is at least AUD 750,000.
    • The minimum net asset of the applicant must be AUD 1.25 million.
    • The applicant must obtain as well as maintain the substantial ownership and the management of the Australian business.
    • Applicant must reside in the country for one year at least.

    2. Investor Stream

    • Applicants are required to pass the points-test.
    • One must have 3 years of the management experience in either one or more of the qualified enterprises or the investments. In case the applicant has the track record of profitable investment and the commercial ventures, they must be able to provide the relevant proof for the same.
    • The applicant must, in one of the five fiscal years, before making the application have the eligible business wherein they and their spouse had the combined ownership of 10% or have made any eligible investment that is owned by the applicant or the spouse.
    • The applicant must commit to AUD 2.5 million for complying with the Australian-managed investment fund. It must be for the duration of provisional visa validity.
    • The candidate must live in the country for 2 years at least.

    3. Significant Investor Stream

    • The applicant must commit to AUD 5 million for complying with the Australian-managed investment fund. It must be for the duration of provisional visa validity.
    • The candidate must live in the country for an average of around 40 days in one year, being the primary visa holder.

    4. Entrepreneur Stream

    • Individuals must have received the endorsement by the end of the territory or the State Government.
    • The candidate must live in the country for 2 years at least.

    All of the above-mentioned temporary visas, they offer the pathway for permanent residence after the time period of 3 years but only if one can meet some of the investment or business turnover or residence requirements and the initial visa remains valid for the period of 5 years.

    Global Talent Independent Program

    This program is the streamlined path for PR for any of the highly skilled executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and business people. The program has been designed for helping towards the growth of innovation and the tech economy of Australia and to create opportunity for all those Australians through the transfer of the skills, creation of jobs and promotion of innovation.

    Considering the above, the Australian government has been seeking the brightest and best global talent from the world in the below-mentioned 10 sectors that are future-focused.

    • Agriculture technology
    • Financial services and technology
    • Circular economy
    • Health industry and Medical technology
    • Defence, space and advanced manufacturing
    • Resources, energy and the mining technology
    • Cyber security
    • Education
    • Quantum information, advanced digital tech, data science and ICT.

    The applicants who make an application for the visa under this program must be recognised Internationally, and they must be prominent within the field while being able to provide an evidence of the outstanding achievements they have made in their careers. Applicants will also be required to provide the evidence that they will prove to be a fruitful asset to the country within their area of expertise, and they will find no difficulty in obtaining the employment in the country or becoming established.

    Some places are also available for the PhD students or the PhD students who are about to complete their thesis and are demonstrating some exceptional talent along with international recognition within the targeted sector.

    Australian PR by Investment- Process

    The application processing time is dependent on various factors, and the below-mentioned stages continue in between that ongoing time frame. Give it a read to understand how the processing goes ahead.

    Step 1

    In order to make the investor visa application, the applicant must fill out the online expression of interest. Even before the invitation to apply is received, they must be nominated, and one must be able to provide all the relevant documentation to back the assertions within the application.

    Step 2

    If one receives the invitation to apply, the invitation letter includes the instructions on how one can submit the application through SkillSelect online. After the application has been submitted with the supporting documents, one will also be required to make the payment for the visa application fees.

    Once the application fees get submitted, make sure that all the supporting documentation has also been provided. After it, the Department of Home Affairs acknowledges the receipt as well as the beginning of the application processing.

    Step 3

    After the home affairs have sent the written invitation, the applicant will be required to make an investment. All the needed instructions will be provided within the invitation regarding how to make the investment and how one can demonstrate that the same has been done. If needed, some questions are also put forward for the applicant.

    In case if one receives the face-to-face interview invitation, it is to be assured that they carry the passport or any other identification form and the needed documents as asked.

    Once the investor visa gets support, the Department of home affairs provides the approval letter with all the instructions regarding how one can obtain the visa.

    Initial Permit

    The temporary resident visa gets issued to the approved applicant. It remains valid for 5 years from the issue date. If one is able to meet the minimum stay requirement, they can apply for the permanent residence after they have lived for 3 years in Australia.

    The applicant must make sure to keep investment until the time they have obtained the permanent residency status. For achieving qualifying standards, one can renew the investor visa. Australia’s significant investor visa will allow the applicant to extend their stay for further 2 years if they maintain the investment.

    Understanding all of the above requirements and a lot of compliance, if you feel you need any professional help that can guide you along the entire process and help you maintain every single Eligibility requirement, go ahead and connect with immigration consultants or any other authorised agents or consultants or professionals of your choice. With the help of theirs, you will be able to have a hassle-free move to Australia and make the Australian PR by investment application process successful.



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