Canada's Comprehensive Ranking System (Canada CRS)

The Express Entry System

The Express Entry System is an online immigration system which was established by the Canadian government on the 1st of January 2015. Since its introduction, the Express Entry System has helped the government make efficient strides in achieving immigration goals and calling in skilled workers from all parts of the world.

Comprehensive Ranking System

The Comprehensive Ranking System is the points system used under Express Entry to determine the individual's eligibility to migrate to Canada. An individual will be assessed based on the following factors and given relevant points :

  • Education
  • Language
  • Experience
  • Age
  • Arranged Employment
  • Adaptability

How Does the Express Entry System Work?

  • Once the basic requirement eligibility check has been done, an Express Entry Profile will be created for hime/her.
  • His/Her Profile will be assessed and granted respective Comprehensive Ranking System points.
  • An applicant will be sent an invitation to Apply if his/her CRS scores meet the minimum Comprehensive Ranking system cut-off scores during the Express Entry Draws.
  • On receiving an ITA, he/she should apply for Canadian permanent residence within 60 days.

The Express Entry System has helped the Canadian Government be more efficient in assessing profiles for skilled worker and promote quick & efficient immigration process. Migrate to Canada now as a skilled worker by filling our assessment and check your eligibility for free!