Subclass 190 – Skilled Nominated Visa


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    Subclass 190 – Skilled Nominated Visa

    Subclass 190 skilled nominated visa is the visa allowing the applicant nominated as a permanent resident to work and live in Australia for 5 years from the date on which the visa is granted. The cost of application for this visa is 4240 AUD, and the processing time for the visa is,

    • 25% of the applications get processed in 4 months.
    • 50% of the applications get processed in 5 months.
    • 75% of the applications get processed in 6 months.
    • 90% of the applications get processed in 14 months.

    By getting this visa, the applicant can,

    • Stay, study and work anywhere within the country.
    • If eligible, become an Australian citizen.
    • Sponsor The eligible relatives for the PR.
    • Travel from and to Australia for a time period of 5 years.
    • Enrol in the public health care scheme of Australia- Medicare.

    However, before making the application, the applicant must have their occupation present on the relevant skilled list of the state. They must also be having suitable skills assessment for their occupation and must be invited for making the application for the visa. But before it all, they must be able to satisfy the points test to make the application. If needed, one can even take help regarding their visa through the authorised professionals who are completely competent for helping through the entire process.

    In order to include the family members, do so while the visa application is lodged. They can even be added after the lodging of the visa application but before the decision is provided by the end of the authorities for the visa. Further, any of the family members who are included must be able to satisfy the character and the health requirements.


    The cost for lodging the visa for the main applicant is 4240 AUD. For every single family member who accompanies the applicant, the application fees must be paid. An extra charge or second instalment remains applicable for the applicant who is 18 or above the age of 18 and has less functional English.
    The second instalment charge is 4885 AUD for the family members.

    Additional charges might be applicable for the biometrics, police certificate and health checks.

    Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa- Requirements

    In order to make an application, the applicant can be either outside Australia or in Australia. If in Australia, then one must be holding the substantive visa or the subclass 010 bridging A visa or subclass 030 bridging C visa or subclass 020 Bridging visa. In cases otherwise, the application would not be valid.

    There are certain other eligibility requirements that one needs to fulfil to make a successful application. They are,

    • Get the invitation to apply for the visa. Submit EOI to make the authorities aware that you want to make the application for the visa. The applicant would only receive an invitation to apply if they get nominated.
    • Get nominated for the visa by either of the Australian state or the territory. Each of them has their own criteria which will be required to be fulfilled. Refer to the individual sections in order to get complete details.
    • Get the skills assessment as it will be required at the time of the invitation.

    Some other eligibility requirements apart from the above include,

    • The applicant must be under the age of 45 when they receive an invitation to make an application for the visa.
    • The applicant must score 65 points or more on the points test.
    • Applicant should have competent English.
    • Applicant must meet the character requirement and the health requirements.
    • There must be no debt due by the end of the applicant or their family towards the Australian government.
    • Applicant must sign the Australian values statement.
    • The applicant must meet skills Requirements, and the occupation chosen must be on the relevant list of the eligible skilled occupations.
    • Applicant must not have got their visa cancelled/previous application refused.

    Application Process

    Step 1

    Beginning from submission of an expression of interest through SkillSelect, to conducting a health check, checking whether or not the occupation is listed in the eligible skilled occupations for the visa category, getting skills assessment, checking the points on the points calculator and meeting all the eligibility requirements, these are all part of the step one for making the application.
    In case the applicant gets nominated, the authorities will send an invitation to apply for the visa. Remember that the expression of interest is not the visa application. In case one submits the expression of interest and their current visa is about to get expired, they must apply for another visa in order to stay lawful in Australia.

    If an invitation for making an application for the visa is received, places are allocated for the skilled migration program. Make sure that within 60 calendar days, the application for the visa is made, as the time does not get extended.

    Step 2

    As part of step 2, gather all the documents that will be required to support the claims which you make within the EOI. Make sure all the provided information is accurate.

    Some of the documents which are required to be provided include,

    • Relationship documents
    • ID proof
    • Proof of the change of name, if any
    • Character documents
    • Skills assessment documents
    • Competency with English documents
    • Documents that can suffice your de facto relationship
    • Proof that the partner has the functional English
    • Documents related to under/over 18 dependents
    • Documents for the responsibility of parents
    • Any other documents as Alfred by the end of the authority.

    Make sure all the documents are collected on time and they are in the English language.

    Step 3

    This step includes making an application for a visa. When making the application, the applicant can be either outside Australia or in Australia. All they need to make sure of is to follow the below-mentioned steps correctly,

    • Login to SkillSelect account.
    • Click on the option Apply for Visa. It will take you to ImmiAccount.
    • Either log in or create an account. Remember that the ID password will not be the same as that of SkillSelect.
    • Make sure to attach all the required documents as asked.
    • Make the payment for the application charge on the part of the first instalment. The application wouldn’t get processed unless the same is paid.
    • At transaction reference number will be provided. Make sure to note the same.

    Step 4

    After the application is completed and the same is received by the end of the authorities, notification for the receipt is made through email. Updates about the standard processing time will not be provided. It can be checked through ImmiAccount.
    If needed, any further information will be asked. Make sure to provide all on time as it will help in faster processing of the visa and remove the chances for any unnecessary delays.

    Make the payment for the second instalment but do it only when the invoice is received by you.

    Family members can be added to the application, but only before the decision for the visa is made. Apart from it, in case any mistake has been made within the application or the provided information or there is a requirement for an update of new information based on the current circumstances at that particular time, all of the same is to be updated to the authorities without any delay to keep them under the loop of the changes.

    Step 5

    The applicant can be either outside or in Australia when the decision for the visa application is made, but they must not be with an immigration clearance. If the visa is granted, the same is updated by the end of the authorities and with the update, they provide the visa grant number, the date on which the visa begins and all of the visa conditions, if there remain applicable.

    Just in case the visa is refused, the reason for the same will be provided by the authorities, and they will also inform you whether or not you have the right for reviewing the decision. However, no refund is provided with respect to the application charge if the application is refused.

    Just in case, if any help is needed with the visa application, you can appoint a professional who will be able to provide immigration assistance. However, the appointed person must be a legal practitioner or registered migration agent for all the exempt persons. Once they are appointed, with all their expertise, they will be able to handle the entire process and will be able to guide you along so that you can provide with all the necessary documents as asked on time without a delay that in turn will help in getting the visa processed faster and avoid any unnecessary delay or concerns.

    So, all that’s left now is, why wait? Why not hire a professional who can help you in making the application?



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