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    ACT Skilled Visa Nomination Program

    ACT skilled migration program is quite a significant contribution towards the economy & the population growth of ACT. The major aim behind this program is attracting and retaining talented people to build a better workforce profile apart from diversification and strengthening of the local economy. The program is completely aimed at the applicants who are able to demonstrate their economic contribution/benefit and their genuine commitment to being a part of the ACT community that gets demonstrated through the long-term residence in ACT.

    ACT offers nomination of the Skilled Nominated (Permanent) subclass 190 visa and the Skilled Regional (Provisional) subclass 491 visa.

    If one has an interest in making an application for the ACT nomination after completing the score-based Canberra matrix, there are a lot of aspects that must be taken care of, and a discussion of it has been made below. So, go through the below-mentioned information before you make your decision to apply for the ACT Skilled Visa Nomination Program. It will help you to understand it all and avoid unnecessary errors.

    ACT Skilled Visa Nomination Program- About & More

    If you are willing to work, live and study in Canberra, there’s a requirement to get the visa. If one is eligible for the skilled migration visa, they can make the application for being an Australian employee and to fill the jobs where there exists more demand for the skilled worker supply. But the question here is how one can make the application for a skilled migration visa.

    To make an application, one must be invited to apply for the skilled visa for Australia through either of the below-mentioned,

    • Commonwealth (subclass 189)
    • State or territory government (subclass 491 and 190 visas)

    Apart from it, to make the application for the skilled migration visa, the applicant is required to meet the list of the general conditions, including a character test, health check, age and language skills.

    The applicant will also be required to express an interest in migrating to Australia. It will be done by completing the Home Affairs SkillSelect Expression of Interest. Here, points will be allocated based on the criteria fulfilment, and the applicant will be required to score a minimum of 65 points on this point test.

    Skilled Migration Visa Canberra

    The ACT government offers the territory nomination within the below-mentioned skilled migration streams,

    • Skilled Nominated (Permanent) subclass 190 visa
    • Skilled Regional (Provisional) subclass 491 visa

    If your visa gets nominated by the ACT government, then as an applicant for the visa, one must commit themselves to work and live in Canberra for at least a time period of 2 years.

    Subclass 190 visa

    This is provided to the skilled workers who receive the right to work, study and live anywhere in Australia through the visa. It is a permanent visa which means that one can stay in the country as long as they want.

    Being an overseas applicant, the applicant must have their occupation within demand or at least in close ties to the Canberra. One is also required to meet all of the eligibility criteria along with a minimum score of 65 points within the Australia Immigration Point Calculator. Applicants are also required to demonstrate a genuine commitment to living in Canberra for at least 2 years from the date on which they arrive in Canberra.

    In case the applicant is living in Canberra and they are working in a skilled occupation or as a PhD graduate, even then, they will be eligible for making an application for ACT nomination of subclass 190 visa. Once the nomination has been made, the applicant receives additional 5 points towards the points score. So, even if one is fulfilling the 60 points score requirement, they will automatically receive an invitation from the end of the Department of Home Affairs to make the application for a subclass 190 visa.

    For more information on subclass 190 visas, refer to the detailed section of it.

    Subclass 491 visa

    This visa provides the skilled workers for working, studying and living in regional Australia for up to 5 years. However, before making an application for nomination, the applicant will be required to complete SkillSelect by the Department of Home Affairs. While doing so, they are required to get at least 65 points.

    In order to make the application through this visa, show interest in making an application within the ACT nomination. After completing the score-based Canberra matrix that gets allotted based on the economic demand as well as the genuine commitment of the ACT community, the applicant will be eligible to proceed further. Candidates who receive a high rank within the 491 visas will get selected, and they will be invited to make an application for the nomination of ACT.

    If one is invited, one must make sure to complete an application and submit online fees right within 14 days. Also, submit all the required documents that can prove eligibility.
    For more information on subclass 491 visa, refer to the detailed section of it.

    ACT Skilled Visa Nomination Program- Application Procedure

    1. Submission of Expression of Interest
    Before the Canberra matrix is completed, one is required to submit EOI for migrating to Australia through SkillSelect, offered by the Department of Home Affairs. To do so, one must,

    • Have a suitable skill assessment within a nominated occupation. There is also a requirement to meet Home Affairs points test wherein one must secure 65 points.
    • To select ACT according to the preferred location for living in Australia. If the same is not selected, the applicant will not be meeting genuine commitment criteria for the nomination.

    If the application invitation for ACT nomination is received and the application is approved, SkillSelect EOI of Home Affairs will get confirmed, and the home affairs will issue a visa application automatically.

    2. Choosing Pathway of ACT Nomination
    Choose the ACT nomination pathway- subclass 491 visa or subclass 190 visa. After choosing the same, it is important to fulfil all the eligibility criteria for the nomination before completing the Canberra matrix.

    3. Complete Canberra matrix
    In order to do so,

    • Read all nomination guidelines. Do it carefully and make sure you remain eligible for completing the Matrix as well as claiming the points.
    • Then provide the personal information.
    • Next, select ACT 190 nomination or ACT 491 nomination.
    • Then select Canberra resident or the overseas applicant.
    • Lastly, select the matrix score in each of the categories.

    Do not forget that all the supporting documentation from your end must provide the evidence about the eligibility of yours for ACT nomination and all the claims for the matrix points at that particular date on which the Matrix is submitted.
    Remember that this Matrix will expire automatically after 6 months from the date of submission in case the invitation doesn’t get issued. After it gets lapsed, the same cannot be reactivated.

    4. Ranking, Selecting & Inviting for ACT nomination application

    The Canberra Matrix Score, it gets ranked separately for 190 and 491 visa nominations. There are separate invitation rounds that get held for both nomination streams, and the highest ranked candidates in each of the same receive the invitation for making the application for the ACT nomination.
    The invitations get issued monthly. Pro rata as against nomination allocation is set by the home affairs and the number of invitations that get issued, it varies in every round. Further, the selection cut-off is dependent upon the quality and number of Matrix submitted, and it might also vary based on the priorities of the ACT government and the current program settings.

    In case there are more candidates within the same Matrix score, then the invitation places number is available, and the selection might be based on the time and date of matrix submission. Invitations might not get issued in case invitations number that is issued within the financial year, it exceeds the demand. If such a situation occurs, the government cap occupations that are nominated at any time.
    Candidates also get selected as well as invited if nomination therein is deemed to be creating some significant amount of benefit to the territory.

    Per Person Policy- One Nomination Place

    Only one nomination place for every person is offered, and if one gets successfully nominated within 190 or 491 visas, one can make an application for the other ACT nomination place. Note that the government completely reserves the right to make exceptions at the discretion of theirs and within exceptional circumstances. The applicant will only be able to make the re-application for ACT nomination if they are able to meet eligibility criteria and if one is applying for the same visa subclass.

    There exists fixed nomination places number available every year for supporting the ACT economy. After the nomination, authorities do not get the nomination place back. It will therefore be very unfair in case the applicants are provided with two or more places of nomination.

    Canberra Matrix

    Canberra matrix is used for fairly managing the process of denomination and selecting the candidates who can contribute towards the Canberra region. As a merit-based tool of assessment wherein one can score points for social or economic contribution to Canberra. Points are awarded as against the demonstrated economic benefit or contribution, formal qualifications, English proficiency, length of the ACT residence or study, close family ties and the investment activity. After it all, the matrix scores get ranked with high-ranking candidates who get their invitation for making the application for ACT nomination.

    The applicant matrix gets ranked based on the points that they claim. For anyone with a high rank will receive an invitation through email to make an application for ACT nomination. With the mail, there comes a web link for the online application.

    Note that there does not exist a guarantee that the matrix score will get ranked even if the applicant is meeting up with the eligibility requirements.

    Support through Professionals

    In case if you are willing to make an ACT Skilled visa nomination program application, and if you are eligible for the same but find the entire process to be very hectic or if you need any help from the end of authorities or any professional who can guide you along, you can connect with the migration agent or any other authorised professional to receive the needed help on time and the application on times so as to increase your chances for receiving the invitation to apply.

    Remember not to let go of your dreams. Work towards the same and start doing it today. Even though migration can be complex, it isn’t impossible.



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