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    Western Australia Immigration

    Every single region in Australia, they carry a shortage of some or the other skills that are required to be fulfilled. It is because of it that all territories and the states have their own skilled nomination program. When it comes to Western Australia, the same remains applicable, and it is the state government that nominates the eligible migrants for Regional (Provisional) Skilled Nominated Visas and the Skilled Nominated Visa. These processes are carried out through the Western Australia migration services on behalf of the government. The Migration service providers nominate migrants, who receive the automatic invitation to apply for the visa they look forward to through their email.

    As of now, state nomination is available for the applicants under,

    • Subclass 49- temporary Visa
    • Subclass 190- permanent residence visa

    Note: a detailed idea of subclass 491 and subclass 190 can be received through the dedicated section of it.

    Western Australia Immigration- Application Process

    Submission of EOI

    This process more or less remains similar to the other states and the territories. As part of the first step, there is a requirement to submit the expression of interest in the SkillSelect database of the Home Affairs.

    The applicants are required to score a minimum of 65 points on the Department of Home Affairs points test. The test score obtained gets included as part of the Expression of Interest. Apart from it, there are certain other requirements too. They are,

    • If one is making an application for 190 visa, they get rewarded with 5 points, but if they are making an application for a 491 visa, 15 points are rewarded.
    • The applicant will be required to take a skills assessment. To have a positive assessment is quite required for successful application.
    • Applicant must have sufficient English language skills.
    • In case the application is being made for the general stream, the nominated occupation must be present on the skilled occupation list schedule 1 or schedule 2.
    • Application is being made for the graduate stream, occupation must be listed on the graduate occupation list. Further, for the graduate stream, one must mention the study program they had in Western Australia. In order to complete these information lists, necessary details like the postcode and the address of the educational institution must be provided.
    • In case the occupation falls within ANZSCO Major Group 1 (Managers)/ ANZSCO Major Occupation Group 2 (Professionals), the applicant must be proficient in the English language. They must have had at least 7 band scores in order to meet the eligibility requirement.

    Apart from the above,

    • If making an application for the graduate stream, the applicant must mention if they worked for the Australian employer for the last 6 months at least.
    • Evidence for work experience is also to be provided to claim some points, if applicable, under General Stream WASMOL Schedule 1.
    • Age must also be mentioned within the expression of interest.

    Review of EOIs by WA Migration Services

    The Western Australia Migration Services is responsible for reviewing the expression of interest, and after it, they invite eligible applicants to make an application to the specific stream that is based on the ranking system. An email is sent for the invitation. For making the state nomination application, the email includes the link.

    The application must be able to satisfy the State Nomination requirement, and together with the general requirements, the applicant will also be needed to meet specific requirements based on the stream chosen. Further, to show that one satisfies all of the state nomination criteria, it is necessary to provide the required documents along with the state nomination Australia fees that are needed to complete the entire procedure.

    Nomination through WA Migration Services

    In case the application remains successful, the applicants get nominated through the Western Australia migration services, and they receive the invitation from the end of the Department of Home Affairs along with the application procedure within the email.

    To proceed, the applicants will require to meet up with the below-mentioned requirements,

    • If they are making a move to Western Australia from any other Australian state, they must comply with the border rules that remain applicable at that particular time.
    • The arrival must be registered with the Western Australia Migration Services after the arrival.
    • Once arrived, the applicant must stay/work in Western Australia for a minimum time period of 2 years.
    • In the two-year duration, every 6 months, the settlement survey will also be required to be completed by the end of the applicant.

    Remember that there will be a requirement for proper registration and licence for the specific occupations in case one wants to work within it. Further, to have the positive skills assessment and to get the state nomination, it might not be enough at times to meet the licensing authority set requirements. This is why it is advised that before you make the application check the specific requirements for the nominated occupation. If any help is needed, it is better to consult a professional immigration consultant who will be able to help out through the entire procedure.

    Invitation rounds

    Invitations get issued approximately in the first week of every single month, and the number of invitations that get issued might vary every month based on the applicants’ number that are being processed by the end of Western Australia migration services.

    Selection process

    There is a set number of Expression of Interest that get selected every month through SkillSelect in order to receive the invitation to make an application for the state nomination. In case the applicant has been invited, they will be contacted by the Western Australia Migration Services through email.

    Ranking System

    Expression of interest is selected on the basis of the ranking system, and applicants in general and the graduate stream get ranked based on different criteria. To say, for the general stream, the applicants are ranked on the basis of whether,

    • They have been currently residing offshore.
    • They are currently living in any other Australian territory or State.
    • They have the highest EOI points score, etc.

    On the other hand, the applicants under the graduate stream, they get ranked on the basis of whether,

    • They have been currently residing offshore.
    • They have completed their master’s or PhD qualification in the Western Australia.
    • They have completed their honours degree or any other higher degree from a Western Australian institution, etc.

    In case one is eligible for making the invitation through both of the streams, an invitation for each of the same is received, but one will only be able to lodge 1 application for the state nomination within the given chosen stream.

    It is understandable if you see help and you are looking for a migration agent or migration consultant. While you explore different visa options, you might easily get confused between all, and therefore, making an application on time might become difficult. With the help of a consultant or an agent, the job becomes easy; after all, they are completely aware of different aspects which you might not even find online. With all their experience and dedication, they will definitely be able to help you through the entire process while guiding you to make an application for the correct visa or the visa stream. So, do not delay the process and connect today to receive the needed support.



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