Immigration Has Positive Effect on Canada – Says Nearly Half British Columbian Residents

Immigration Has Positive Effect on Canada – Says Nearly Half British Columbian Residents

Thousands of individuals and more enter into Canada every year as immigrants under different streams. The topic “Immigration” has been a much debated and conversed topic among the Canadian residents, some embracing the factor while others try to create fear and misinformation regarding immigration.

Research.Co on conducting a survey among the Canadian residents stated that a large proportion of Canadians have a positive impact on the immigration factor while few other people have a negative impact on the same. Enquiring with people aged between 18 – 34, 55% people showed positive signs while 27% were negative and in Quebec 52% were positive and 30% were negative. Provinces like Ontario & Alberta still wants to see a reduction in the number of legal immigrants coming to the country.

A huge 55% of Canadians accept the fact that the talent and hard work of the immigrants play a major role in the development of the Canadian Economy. This is being said by people aged above 55 who have a clear understating about the immigration factor and its benefits. 50% of Canadians say that immigration can be allowed & welcomed provided the individuals adopt the Canadian policies.

Of all the happenings and surveys in other provinces, British Columbia seemed to be way more positive than other Canadian provinces. Nearly a decade ago, when the global financial crisis was at the peak, British Columbia was one of the provinces which welcomed immigrants to a very great extent. While 34% of people in Alberta do not believe in the thinking that the Canadian economy is benefitted from the immigrants, a surprising 46% of the people in British Columbia think the other way. The year 2019 has been a good start for British Columbia as the province has been issuing invitations to candidates under its various immigration streams. The province is looking forward to taking in more immigrants this year to meet the labour market shortage and has well understood the positive impact that immigrants create on its economy.

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