Immigration to Poland

Poland is a member of the European Union and is also a part of the Schengen Area. Unlike yesteryear, better economic conditions in the recent past have gradually increased the prospectus of foreigners applying for Poland immigration.

Whether you are looking to relocate or willing to acquire a work permit for immigration to Poland from UAE, CanApprove is always here to help you out.

Poland immigration is rapidly becoming popular among professionals like architects, doctors, IT specialists, engineers, cooks, product specialists, etc. Immigration to Poland by professionals from non-EU member states require a special type of work permit, in most cases, it is the National Visa D-type.

Poland immigration for work is possible through five different types of work permits. However, the duration for which the work permit granted is fixed and for no longer than 3 years. The Voivode may extend it to 5 years on a special request.

Type-A Foreigners are issued type-A work permits for Poland immigration if they serve a Polish employer operating within the territories of Poland.
Type-B Immigration to Poland for foreigners on a type-B permit lasts for anywhere between 6 months to 12 months. Under this work permit, the employee must function within the management board.
Type-C Foreigners are issued type-C permit for Poland immigration if they serve a non-Polish employer, but has been delegated for over 30 days to a facility being operated within Poland.
Type-D Immigration to Poland for foreigners on a type-D permit is also possible if they are executing a particular service that is casual or temporary in nature.
Type-E It is the rarest form of the work permit issued to foreigners and covers all other aspects of Poland immigration which does not fall under the type A-D work permits.

The legal document allowing Poland immigration on a work permit is issued in three copies, two of which are directly transferred to the employer who is required to provide one copy to the original applicant and last copy retains with the Voivodship Office.

Fill up this free Poland immigration assessment form and know which work permit suits you the best.

How can we assist in the Polish Work Visa (Type D)?

  1. Our Poland immigration services include finding open job positions in the country;
  2. Timely support in all phases of recruitment;
  3. Prepare all important documents and guarantee letter from the employer;
  4. Adequate support with the Poland immigration application form.

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