Immigration to Keep Alberta’s Workforce Strong for the Decades to Come

Immigration has become a pivot factor for the growth of the Canadian economy and not to mention all the daunting factors which state that the Canadian workforce will be ageing sooner, leaving behind an unresolvable & complicated situation.

But what one could find surprising is the fact that Calgary & Edmonton in Alberta will be having 43% of labour force filled up by people who are born outside Canada. Alberta is one of the most promising provinces of Canada and the two largest cities, according to the report by Statistics Canada have the largest labour force when compared with most of the major population centres of Canada.

Immigration patterns state that during the year 2017 about 31 per cent of people who worked in Edmonton & Calgary were people who were foreign born and this is predicted to ascend up to 43% per cent by the year 2036.

Not only the two large cities will be facing growth but also other parts of Alberta will be facing growth as well said Statistics Canada. The foreign workforce in other parts of Alberta was 12 per cent during 2017 which is projected to see a rise up to 17 per cent during the year 2036 and the reason being the common notion immigrants have that Alberta is a good place to immigrate to.

Alberta has people coming to the province every now & then, who participate in the workforce and thereby increase the province’s economic growth. Though the labour force participation rate is expected to fall outside of major cities, in Alberta, it is expected to surge moderately in the years to come, providing immigrants with an ideal situation to work & settle!

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