Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Quebec is one of the diverse Canadian provinces where one could see temporary foreign workers, foreign students, foreign entrepreneurs & more playing a major role in the development of Quebec. Quebec has always been an ideal place for entrepreneurs to start or establish a business considering the benefits the province offers and is one main reason why a huge number of entrepreneurs immigrate to Quebec under the Quebec Entrepreneur Program.

What is the Quebec Entrepreneur program?

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program is for individual entrepreneurs who wish to make an investment in the economy of Quebec and show active involvement in the development of the Quebec economy. The economy of Quebec is quite strong and has become quite an important place for activities like sciences, multimedia and the industry is precisely dynamic in terms of development & growth making the Quebec Entrepreneur Program an ideal choice.

Eligibility Requirements to Migrate Under the Quebec Entrepreneur Program: -

An individual to migrate under the Quebec Entrepreneur Program should meet the below-listed requirements in order to be considered eligible:

  • The individual who is applying for the Quebec Entrepreneur program, alone or with his/her spouse should possess a minimum net worth of CAD $2,000,000 and willing to invest between CAD$ 1,200,000 a subsidiary of Investissement Québec for 5 years.
  • The applicant should have experience in managing a business which is lawful & profitable for a period of at least three years within the past five years or should have controlled at least a minimum 33.% of its equity.
Quebec Entrepreneur Program Immigration Assessment: -

Apart from satisfying the eligibility requirements mentioned above, the applicant will also be assessed for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program on the below-mentioned factors:

  • The age of the applicant
  • His/her language proficiency in English & French
  • The applicant’s personal qualities & character
  • The applicant’s ties to Quebec.
  • Quality of the applicant’s business plan.
Costs for Quebec Entrepreneur Program: -

The application fee that the individual has to pay for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program is listed below:

  • The principal applicant’s application fee costs CAD $1511
  • Dependent child and spouse should pay an additional CAD $164 each.
Procedures for Migrating Under the Quebec Entrepreneur Program: -
  • The applicant should initially get done with all the application process and choose one of the available options and make the necessary payment.
  • Selected applicants will have to attend an interview with a government immigration officer.
  • Once the applicant is being selected to immigrate under the Entrepreneur program, he/she should send a separate application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada which allows them to complete medical & security checks.
  • The applicant on arriving in Quebec should comply for the business undertaking conditions for a minimum of at least one year during the three years after they obtain a permanent residency.
How Does Quebec Benefit from the Quebec Entrepreneur Program?

The government of Quebec sheds a positive light on immigrants and encourages to promote the economy of Quebec by establishing and running businesses that contribute to the economy’s growth. The government hopes that establishing a business in Quebec will provide employment opportunities for the local residents. Immigrants who get to immigrate to Quebec under the Quebec Entrepreneur program get to become permanent residents of Canada.

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