Canadian Citizenships for Indians Rise by 50% this Year

Canadian Citizenships for Indians Rise by 50% this Year

It seems that the number of Indians opting to live in Canada is continuously on the rise and this has eventually lead to a steep increase of Indians obtaining Canadian Citizenship to 50% when compared with the previous year. Figures state that during the end of October an approximate of 15,000 Indians obtained a Canadian Citizenship.

India is a country which is known for its huge well-educated population looking forward for more opportunities and not to mention the fact that Canada as an ideal place to migrate, the number of people moving to Canada is on the rise. The Canadian Government, for an individual to obtain Canadian Citizenship has specified that he/she should be residing in Canada for a period of three out of five years on their permanent residency.

During the year 2017, the number of Canadian Citizenship granted to Indians was 9,992 and during the year 2018, the number of granted citizenships were 15,016 which is quite massive and is a 50 per cent increase when compared with the previous year.

According to IRCC (Refugees and Citizenship Canada), approximate of 1.53 lakh people till the end of 2018 October, which is a year from the release of the new relaxed citizenship rules. Before the new rules were brought into effect, the number of citizenships granted the previous year was an estimated 1.08 lakhs said IRCC.

Despite this, there are many other Indians who live & work in Canada and are looking forward to obtaining Canadian Citizenship. India currently stands next to the Philippines in the number of Citizenship granted this year and this trend seems to be only on the rise in the upcoming days. The high standard of living & ideal living conditions plays a major role in the increase of obtaining citizenship increases.

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