The Canadian Biometric Rules Extends to Asia & the Americas from the 31st of December

The Canadian Biometric Rules Extends

The 31st of December is when Canada’s second phase of mandatory fingerprints and photo requirements will be implemented. The expansion will take place and be applicable to people from Asia, Asia Pacific and America.

The Canadian Government introduced the biometric system in order to strengthen the Canadian border and to prevent any fraudulent immigration activities, making the country an overall better place for immigrants.

The first expansion of Canada’s Biometric Program took place on the 31st of July, making it mandatory for people immigrating from regions of Europe, Africa & the Middle East to submit their biometric details. The second stage of expansion which is about to happen on the 31st of December will be making it mandatory for people immigrating from Asia, Asia Pacific & the Americas to submit their biometric details.

Obtaining Biometric details from immigrating individuals helps the Canadian government prevent the below-listed from happening in the future.

  • Potential criminals from entering the Canadian borders.
  • Identify and safeguard from fraud & theft.
  • Prevent deportees from coming to Canada again without proper permission.
  • Prevents failed refugee claimant who tries to enter Canada by producing false documents.

Applicants can submit their biometric details at the nearest Visa Application Centre which is authorized by the Canadian Government. The cost to submit biometric details for a first-time applicant would be CAD $85 and for a family, it would cost CAD $170. To make things easier for individuals, the Canadian Government has planned to have at least 149 Visa Application Centres by November 2019 in 99 countries.

The Canadian Government has also stated that fingerprints obtained from immigrating individuals will be treated with the highest security level & privacy by using encryption and will be kept in record for a period of 15 years after which it will be deleted. To know more about the Canadian Biometrics System or to migrate to Canada, get in touch with our experts and get free counselling & an eligibility assessment.

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