Recent Study Says Quebec Should be Restoring Its Annual Immigration Target to 50,000

A recent study conducted by the Institute of Research and Socio-Economic Information brought forth a conclusion that the government of Quebec should consider restoring its immigration targets to 50,000 newcomers per year. Recent happenings in Quebec especially in the immigration sector has been a much debatable topic and the study is a result of the same.

The Government of Quebec in its recent announcement mentioned that it is about to eliminate 18,000 pending Quebec Skilled Worker Program applications which were then asked to be processed by a Quebec Judge. It should be noted that Quebec’s government has also reduced its immigration target and the reason behind this being that the new individuals who come to Quebec are not being able to become a part of the society.

quebec immigration program

On the contrary, research shows that almost 60 per cent of immigrants who have been admitted to Quebec already speak English or French. A huge 82.2 per cent of economic immigrants who came to Quebec during the year 2010 were still found to be in Quebec after a long duration of five years which has brought to light that Quebec is one of the four provinces where the retention rate percentage is quite great.

Quebec’s ageing population is another factor that urges Quebec to increase the current immigration levels. The previous immigration levels had the employment rate going up and the immigration numbers were not a problem then. Cutting down the immigration level now could sabotage the growth process and bring the employment rate down.

Individuals who immigrate to Quebec are also better educated when compared to those who are not immigrants and a massive number of immigrants in Quebec now speak French fluently and are quite active in the labour market. The bottom line being Quebec should consider increasing its immigration target and set it to 50,000.

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