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    Quebec Immigration

    Among the 13 provinces & territories of Canada, each of which is different in its own way, Quebec has special recognition and stands unique amidst the provinces. Stats & reports state that almost 18% of people who immigrated to Canada as permanent residents chose Quebec as their destination. The government of Quebec is taking every possible step to make international individuals choose Quebec Immigration and the introduction of the new Expression of Interest System is one perfect example.

    How the Expression of Interest System Works?

    The Expression of Interest System processes applications of individuals who pursue Quebec immigration through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Below mentioned is the step by step procedure as to how the Quebec Expression of Interest System works:

    • Individuals who are aged above 18 become eligible to submit their profile under the Quebec Expression of Interest pool.
    • The individual’s profile submitted in the pool will be assessed on a range of factors.
    • Though most of the points awarded for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program remain unchanged, applicants should take note that a slight change has been induced. Applicants should meet the minimum requirement of two points under education and one point for self-sufficiency to become eligible.
    • Once the applicant’s profile has been assessed and considered eligible, he/she will receive an invitation from the Ministry and will be left with 90 days to complete and submit their application for Quebec selection certificate.
    • Applicants who receive a Quebec Selection Certificate can now apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa to the Federal Government.
    • Applicants will be looked for their medical clearance and criminal records and nothing more than that because everything else has already been assessed by the government of Quebec which makes the entire process of Quebec immigration quite easy for applicants.

    The new Expression of Interest System ensures a speedy process of the applications making Quebec Immigration one of the most favoured immigration options that are preferred by people from all parts of the world. For more information about the Expression of Interest System and to know your eligibility for Quebec Immigration for free, get in touch with our team of immigration experts now!

    Quebec Immigration Through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

    The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is one ideal program which allows individuals & foreign workers to settle as permanent residents in Canada. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program takes in applicants who are highly educated & trained and offers them a chance to settle in Quebec as skilled workers. Applicants who wish to migrate to Quebec under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are assessed based on a certain set of selection factors after which they are invited to apply.

    Quebec’s New Expression of Interest System

    Quebec’s introduction of the new Expression of Interest System changed the entire way of how Quebec immigration was taking place to date. The new Express Entry style system introduced for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program was brought into effect on the 2nd of August. The prime motto of this system is to give priority to individuals who meet the skills of the Quebec government and those who can meet the economic needs of the province.

    Quebec Immigration Points Under the Expression of Interest System

    Below listed are the maximum points an applicant can secure under each category:

    • Education – An applicant can gain up to 14 points for his/her education.
    • Area of Training – Under Area of Training, an applicant can procure up to 12 points.
    • Work Experience – Any previous work experience for the last 5 years can help the applicant gain up to 8 points.
    • Age – A maximum of 16 points can be procured under the Age factor.
    • Language Proficiency – His/her language (English & French) can help them secure up to 22 points.
    • Stay & Family in Quebec – An applicant can score up to 8 points under this category.
    • Spouse/Common-law Partner – Characteristics of his/her spouse can add up to 17 points to the total.
    • Valid Job Offer – A valid job offer can help the applicant get up to 14 points.
    • Presence of Accompanying Children – An applicant can gain up to 8 points if he/she has an accompanying child with them.
    • Financial Self-Sufficiency – A maximum of 1 point can be gained which is considered mandatory.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a job offer to get a Canada PR?

    A job offer is optional to receive an invitation and get a Canada Permanent Residence. However, a valid job offer from a Canadian employer or a nomination from a province will increase the CRS points and can help you receive an ITA quickly.

    Can I update my express entry profile after creating it?

    Yes. You can update your Express Entry profile now and then, adding new educational qualifications, improved language scores, or increased work experience, which would increase your chances of receiving an ITA.

    Is there any specific time during the year of creating an Express Entry profile?

    No! You can submit your profile under the Express Entry Program at any time of the year.

    Is the Canada PR requirements for Indians different from others?

    No. The requirements for applying for a PR is same for all and it doesn’t differ for countries.



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