Australian Government Will Expand Skilled Migration Cap To Fix Skills Shortage

Australian Government Will Expand Skilled Migration Cap To Fix Skills Shortage

The Australian government is looking at various possibilities to lift the annual cap on skilled migration so as to target more foreign skilled talents to enter the country. 

The current annual migration to Australia targets 160,000 skilled workers, reports suggest the government could raise it to 180,000 or as high as 200,000 in the coming months. 

Through the expansion of the skilled migration cap, the federal government is looking to fix the skills shortages across various industries in Australia induced by the significant drop in the number of permanent skilled workers following the border closure driven by the pandemic.

Skills Minister Brendan O’Connor remarked, “We have to find whatever means possible to supply skills to our labour market because increasing the skills in our labour market will increase productivity.”

Investment in the Australian workforce is our number one priority, but we also have to, obviously, look at areas of acute demand and give opportunities for the temporary and permanent skilled migration paths.

Skills shortages in Australia and possible solutions to fix them through increased migration targets will be the key topic of discussion at the government’s jobs and skills summit, set to take place next month in September.

About 100 people from unions, businesses, civil society and government are expected to take part in the forthcoming summit. 

Australia Posts 480,100 Job Vacancies in May 2022

The Australian Bureau of Statistics noted about 480,100 job vacancies in Australia as of May 2022. This is nearly a 100 per cent increase from February 2020. 

Australia is currently facing skill shortages in different industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Tourism, Tech industry & Healthcare. An increase in the migrant cap will most likely benefit these industries. 

Who is eligible to immigrate to Australia?

Skilled visa to Australia requirements is based on points secured against various human capital factors like age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and more. 

We encourage you to check out our previous blog post that distinguishes between Canada and Australia’s immigration points systems for skilled migration and learn more about points required for skilled migration to Australia. Click here

If you’re looking to improve your chances of immigration, we recommend getting in touch with a certified immigration consultant. Here, you can determine your eligibility and explore various options for skilled migration to Australia depending on your work experience and academic profile. 

While countries like Canada, and Australia is poised well to welcome more skilled immigrants to boost post-pandemic recovery, you can book a free appointment with CanApprove and consult an expert before deciding on your Australian visa application. 

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