Australian Visa Application Backlogs To Be Prioritized To Improve Skilled Immigration

Australian visa application

In an attempt to rebuild the immigration-friendly status of Australia, the Australian immigration minister has ordered the Department of Home Affairs to fast-track Australian visa applications. This is mostly aimed at addressing the shortage of skilled talents.


The new minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles declared the clearing of a backlog of Australian visa applications a priority.

Processing outstanding visa applications is a priority for the Australian government. I have raised my concerns with the current state of visa processing with the Department of Home Affairs, and we are committed to ensuring that visa applications are processed in a timely manner,” said the new minister. 

The previous government did not publish data on the number of applications for skilled worker visas. However, the total number of skilled temporary visa holders in Australia has fallen from a peak of 195,000 in 2014 to 96,000 in 2022.

The priority of the new government is to make the skilled migration system more accessible and responsible. 

Australia PR Open to Overseas Skilled Workers & Graduates

Commencing in the 2022-23 program year people residing overseas are now eligible to be considered for Western Australia (WA) State nomination. Receiving state nominations can open doors for immigration to Australia. 

The invitations to apply for WA state nomination will be decided via the ranking system. The regional government will give preference to applicants who are:  

  • International graduates from any institution in Western Australia, OR
  • with work experience in over 330 occupations, AND
  • currently residing in WA, followed by those residing in Australia, and then those residing overseas.

Why Apply for Immigration to Australia? 

Australia is among the immigration-friendly developed nations that received a record of overseas applications to study and work in the country before the pandemic. 

With the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic receding away, the new Morrison Government calls for increasing permanent skilled migration numbers. The cause to increase immigration to Australia post-pandemic is reflected well in Australia’s federal budget for 2022-23

The Australian government has fixed the 2022-23 permanent migration program ceiling at 160,000 places.

Here are a few advantages of qualifying for immigration to Australia:

  • Subsidized healthcare & education for immigrants
  • Family immigration options
  • Better standard of life 
  • Immigrant-friendly communities
  • Options to become an Australian citizen 

While countries like Canada, and Australia is poised well to welcome more skilled immigrants to boost post-pandemic recovery, you can book a free appointment with CanApprove and consult an expert before deciding on your Australian visa application.


CanApprove is a certified consultant for Canada and Australia immigration services and overseas education counseling. With a rich experience of 20+ years in the industry, CanApprove has had major successes in fulfilling the dreams of thousands of migrating abroad! 

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