Australia Leans On Skilled Migration To Support Its Economy

Australia economy

Speaking at a forum in Australia, Philip Lowe, the Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia mooted the idea of looking offshore to fill local job vacancies. This meant that Australia needs skilled immigration to power the country’s economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Experts have already pointed out the strict border closures imposed by Australia as a response to the coronavirus pandemic as an impediment to migration. However, border closures may extend until the end of 2021. This could lead to a further decline in the country’s population growth that is dependent on new migrants. 

Immigration in Australia

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The population in Australia grew at a healthy 1.5% over the past 20 years. According to Lowe, it was the growth in population contributed by the casual intake of foreign skilled workers that shaped the country’s economy over the last decade. 

Australia is also a significant destination for international students to migrate and study in the country. The renowned Universities/Colleges offer the right exposure to students in learning work skills. Such students also have an excellent chance to work and settle in Australia after graduation and eventually obtain permanent residence in years time. 

The bottom-line is Australian borders are closed for migration and it may drag down till the end of 2021. However, the country is expected to open a flood gate of announcements calling for interested skilled workers to migrate to the country. 

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Why Choose Australia? 

Australia is ranked the fourth most preferred destination for immigration in the Gallup global survey, following which several overseas students, skilled migrants aspire to obtain permanent residence in Australia for the following reasons: 

  • Better Career Opportunities: Australia has clocked lowest in the unemployment rate in recent years. There are profitable industries in Australia that are facing a labor shortage for skilled and qualified jobs. Industries such as mining, tourism, farming, service industries as well as health care in Australia offer exciting job opportunities for skilled aspirants looking to migrate to Australia.
  • Immigration-friendly Australia System: The home affairs authority of Australia offers immigration services under various visa categories. It includes the General Skilled Migration Program, , and Business Investor Programs.
  • World-class Education System: Programs like Life & Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Arts & Humanities, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacy, Engineering & Technology, and Physics are available options for overseas students. Overseas students now account for nearly 44% of Net Overseas Migration in Australia. 


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  • Top ranking in Global Liveability Index: Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide have consistently figured in the top of the Global Liveability Index released by the Economic Intelligence Unit. And as a matter of fact, these cities host more than 70% of the immigrant population with work opportunities & living standards in Australia.

As Australia is in urgent need of skilled workers, the salaries offered for most jobs to immigrants are ever-increasing. In order to migrate to Australia, one need not have a job offer immediately & can look for jobs after being qualified to migrate to Australia.

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