Immigration will help Australia overcome corona impact, says expert


In the context of the corona virus outbreak negatively affecting the economic growth of Australia, Dr Shane Geha, Managing Director of EG Urban Planning, says that immigration is crucial for the country to recover from the impact of the outbreak. It is not for the first time Dr Geha highlights the importance of immigration. Earlier also, he had called for a massive increase in the immigration levels of Australia for scaling the cities in the country and for replacing its aging population for sustaining the tax revenue.

With economic recession looming in the horizon for Australia, Dr Geha feels that the country needs migrants more now than ever before. According to him, immigration may boost the economic output of the country, especially in the education, tourism and agriculture industries which are the hardest hit by the impact of corona. Dr Geha points out that these industries entirely depend on migrant populations for work. The restrictions on immigration will lead to a shortage of workers without whom an increase in the GDP growth is not possible in the country.

Dr Geha is sharing his observations at a time when corona virus outbreak is fuelling sentiments against immigration in the country. He further points out that the corona severely affects the aged population more. In similar situations, it is necessary to provide quality healthcare to the aged.  Dr Geha says that more migrants are needed to replace the tax revenue “generated by the working majority aged between 20 and 60” in order to pay for healthcare for the ageing demographic.

If Australia does not increase immigration, the country will have to increase taxes, go into austerity and reduce services, he warned.

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