Migration to Australia likely to increase post COVID-19

Migration to Australia about to increase post COVID-19

Travel experts are of the opinion that Australia’s migration trends will continue to increase once the travel bans introduced in the wake of COVID-19 are lifted. This gives new hope for people in different parts of the globe who are eagerly awaiting to restart their PR process or pursue their higher education in Australia.

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The skills and jobs that are in demand change from time to time in Australia, just like any other country. Technical advancement, globalization and aging populations are some of the factors that have been influencing the migration trends in Australia. These changes have given rise to the demand for some new skills and occupations. Such changes also lead to imbalances between demand and supply. To meet such demands, the country requires more skilled immigrants. Some of the sectors in which Australia is facing a shortage of skills are health, agriculture, engineering, community service etc. As long as this trend continues, skilled immigrants would get a chance to migrate to Australia as they are needed to fill the deficit in skills.

Experts believe that there would be a surge in the number of immigrants to Australia once the lockdown is over. Australia’s response to COVID-19 was one of the best in the whole western world and the country was successful in bringing the situation under control well in advance. As the country has a lot of career opportunities and high living standards on offer for immigrants, it remains to be their favourite destination.

Australia’s population growth is significantly low and the population is also aging fast. So the country is keen to offer permanent residency and citizenship to those immigration candidates who have the skills to contribute towards the growth of its economy and welfare of its society. Australia also allows the parents and family members of the immigrants to join them in the country, which is an added attraction.

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