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High living standards, numerous career opportunities, beautiful landscapes – in every sense, Canada is the dreamland of those who wish for better opportunities in a new country. Moreover, Canada heartily welcomes immigrants to the country and ensures them a better and secured life. The current political-social-economic policies and stands of Canada are quite favourable for those who migrate to the country. As USA has tightened its immigration rules, Canada has already turned into the favourite destination for those who wish to migrate to a foreign land as well as those who wish to study abroad.

Why is Canada receptive to immigrants?

Low population growth and scarcity of skilled workers are the major issues being faced by Canada. So, Canada promises a number of benefits to immigrants and their family members that include free public-school education, free healthcare, pension and more. A person who migrates to the country also enjoys almost all the rights enjoyed by Canadian citizens.

As per the current Immigration Level Plan of Canada, the country plans to welcome almost 485000 immigrants within 2024 and 500000 immigrants by 2025. So, it’s a perfect time for you to plan if you’re willing to migrate to Canada!

Express Entry Canada, immigration and Canada PNP Program

There are several pathways for skilled foreign workers to migrate to Canada. The most popular among these is the federal Express Entry Program. But in case the immigration aspirants fail to meet the eligibility criteria for the Express Entry Canada, the Canada PNP program will be a great option for them. Canadian provinces and territories have their own immigration programs. Those who wish to migrate to Canada can apply for the same through the provincial nominee program of their favourite Canadian province/territory. The most important advantage of provincial nominee programs is that they do not require a high Comprehensive Ranking System score (The score awarded to Express Entry candidates based on a number of eligibility factors) to qualify. Candidates without an Express Entry profile can also apply through provincial nominee programs.

Factors for Canada eligibility include,

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Language Proficiency (English and/or French)
  • Health and Character Requirements

Through Canada PNP, each Canadian province/territory nominates those candidates with skills, education, and work experience to contribute towards their economic growth. Each nominee program has a different set of criteria. Likewise, skilled workers, family members, international students graduated from Canada and businesspeople have separate immigration streams and categories under the provincial nominee programs.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Stream for Skilled Workers
  • Super visa for Parents and Grand parents
  • International student stream for students graduated from a designated learning institution in Canada
  • Business Visa for those who plan to setup a business in Canada

The following Canadian provinces and territories have their own provincial nominee programs

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Northwest Territories
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

Atlantic Immigration Program

  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island

Why should you migrate to Canada?

There are many reasons why you should migrate to Canada and some of the notable reasons are as discussed below. Getting Canada Citizenship or migrating through express entry Canada, or Canada PNP will offer you the best of your life in the great white north.

Quality of Life: Canada consistently ranks high in global quality of life indexes. It offers a safe and peaceful environment, excellent healthcare, and a strong social support system.

Economic Opportunities: Canada has a strong and diverse economy with job opportunities in various sectors. The country values skilled immigrants and has programs to attract and retain talent.

Education System: Canada has a world-class education system, with numerous prestigious universities and colleges. It’s an excellent destination for those seeking quality education for themselves or their children.

Cultural Diversity: Canada is known for its cultural diversity and inclusivity. It embraces people from various backgrounds, creating a multicultural society that promotes tolerance and understanding.

Universal Healthcare: Canada provides a publicly funded healthcare system that ensures access to medical services for all residents. This can be a significant benefit compared to healthcare systems in some other countries.

Natural Beauty: Canada is renowned for its stunning landscapes, including mountains, lakes, and national parks. If you enjoy outdoor activities and a connection with nature, Canada offers plenty of opportunities.

Political Stability: Canada is known for its stable political environment and strong democratic institutions. This contributes to a sense of security and stability for residents.

Social Services: The Canadian government provides a range of social services to residents, including unemployment benefits, childcare support, and old-age pensions.

High Standard of Living: Canada is often cited for its high standard of living. Residents benefit from a well-developed infrastructure, efficient public services, and a generally high quality of life.

Immigrant-Friendly Policies: The country has various immigration pathways, such as Express Entry Canada and Canada PNP program, designed to attract skilled workers and provide opportunities for family reunification.

Do you envision a bright future in Canada for your family and yourself? Then start working today to make your dream a reality! A lot of people from the middle east are migrating to Canada as the great white north remains the best choice for those who look for a stupendous life. CanApprove can provide the required counselling, direction, and assistance to enable migration to Canada in the shortest time possible.

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