Computer Engineering Programs in Poland!

Computer Engineering

The brach of engineering that deals with the development of computer hardware and software are called computer engineering. Computer engineering is the perfect blend of computer science, electrical and electronics engineering. Computer engineers are deployed into designing various hardware and software designs computing designs from microcontrollers, microprocessors, personal computers and supercomputers to circuit design. 

It involves writing software and firmware for microcontrollers, designing VLSI chips, analogue sensors, digital sensors, signal circuit boards and operating systems too. Computer engineers play a vital role in digital systems and robotics, motors, communication systems and sensors.


Since the world is witnessing technology development in the day to day life, computer engineers are one of the reasons to make miracles by breaking the boundaries and make many things possible that were logically perceived to be impossible. Poland is offering the best computer engineering programs for international students. If you’re so much interested to make wonders in computer engineering, then you’ve got the right choice. Plan your education in Poland!


What is taught?

This program teaches you about the working of computer systems and instruction sets which perform computational works. You get a wide knowledge in computer science, information technology and topics like computer networks, database technologies, implementation of IT systems, internet technologies and software testing. 

The most advanced learning with a perfect blend of practicum and theory hep you attain professional competency. The state of art labs, projects, internships and practicum helps you attain a hands-on experience that is essential to perform in the industry. Various programming languages like Java, C, C++, Python and more are studied to the fullest.

If you’re interested in computers and stuff, then you’ve got the best chance to become a techie! Check out the institutions in Poland that are offering the programs for you. Read on to know more…


Institutions in Poland

Poland is the house for many globally acclaimed institutions. They are delivering the best service and are top-ranked in performance. Some of the universities in Poland offering Computer Science programs are, 

  • Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Cracow University of Technology
  • University of Lódź
  • Technical University of Lodz
  • Warsaw School of Computer Science
  • Wroclaw University of Technology

These are some best institutions that are offering computer science programs with many other courses in various disciplines. Likely, you can get admission at ease in these institutions. 

Job Opportunities

Supplemental to the super-advanced education, there are enormous job opportunities in Poland for international students. Some of the career pathways for those who study computer engineering are,

  • Cloud architect
  • Web developer
  • Web developer
  • Software engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Web administrator
  • Security administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Software Systems Developer
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Software Applications Developer
  • Computer forensic investigator
  • Information technology vendor manager
  • Computer & Information Research Scientist

These are some of the well-paid jobs in which you could showcase your talents and remunerate. Explore the wide range of jobs by panning your education in Poland. 


Why Study in Poland?

Have you ever thought to why study in Poland? If yes, then here are the answers why you should. Poland not only ends with providing top-notch education but the benefits associated with education. Some of the benefits include,

  • Enjoying vibrant student life
  • Meeting people from various walks of life
  • Experiencing cultural diversity
  • Availing the scholarships meant for Non-EU students
  • Waiving off IELTS
  • Do you have an education gap? No worries. You still can continue your education
  • Accessibility to more than 26 Schengen countries
  • Post-study work visa

Some of the long term advantages for international students in planning their education in Poland are listed above. Also, you could easily get your student visa in Poland. So, grab a prospective life by planning your education in Poland. 


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