Doing This for One Year Can Help You Obtain a Canadian PR Visa! Read to Know How!

Obtain your Canadian PR Visa

People often think about immigrating to a new country, a country like Canada, where the possibilities are limitless, and the lifestyle is just exuberant. Canada, the world’s second-largest country is known not only for welcoming immigrants but also its feasible immigration policies which helps a lot of individuals make their dreams come true.

Though there are a numerous number of ways to get into Canada, it is always best if you could find a way that puts you through minimum requirements to be met and increase your chances of immigrating to Canada permanently and that’s what we are about to be looking in this blog, a golden ticket for you to immigrate to Canada permanently!

Getting down to the blog title and answering the question,

“Gaining one year of skilled work experience in any one of the Canadian provinces can help you get a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa”

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Now that’s easy! Working in Canada for a year can help improve your financial position, explore how the Canadian industry is, understand how things are and most importantly, you get to become a part of the Canadian country and its people! And after gaining one year of Canadian work experience, you should be considering the below-mentioned immigration program which helps you get a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa!

The Canadian Experience Class Program

The Canadian Experience Class is an immigration program which directly falls and is managed by the Express Entry System where applicants with one year of Canadian work experience get to migrate to Canada.

The Canadian Government has understood the importance of skilled labor force in every Canadian province and has taken necessary steps to ensure that the already working temporary Canadian skilled workers immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis by obtaining a Canadian PR.

Benefits of the Canadian Experience Class Program:

The Canadian Experience Class Program can prove to be an outstanding immigration program with the below-mentioned advantages one can get from it:

  • Individuals who wish to migrate to Canada under the Canadian Experience Class means they already have one year of Canadian work experience and this could help them gain leverage in the Express Entry Pool. Having one year of Canadian work experience would give you additional CRS points, making your profile stand up among the thousands.
  • When applying under the Canadian Experience Class, individuals need not have to have to show any proof of funds.
  • The documentation process is also quite minimal which helps the applications get processed quickly. Most of the Canadian Experience Class Program applications are processed within a time period of three to four months.

How to Migrate Under the Canadian Experience Class Program?

As read above, to immigrate under the Canadian Experience Class Program, you should be having at least a minimum of one year of Canadian work experience. Below mentioned is the detailed procedures of getting a Canadian PR under the CEC Program: (The procedure is applicable only for students who have studied in Canada)

After Pursuing Your Education:

Consider this as an important part. Once you have completed your graduation in Canada, you get to stay back in Canada for a period of three years under the Post Graduate Work Permit Visa. On obtaining a PGWP Visa, you get to stay back in Canada (the number of stay back years depends on your study duration).

Obtain One Year of Canadian Work Experience:

One year of skilled work experience is all now that’s needed to apply for a Canadian Experience Class Program. Remember that to apply for a Canadian Experience Class Program you should have your occupation should fall under the O, A or B categories and should be listed under the National Occupational Classification Code list.

Creating an Express Entry Profile:

This is where all your Canadian Immigration dreams come true. Once you have met all the eligibilities, you create an Express Entry Profile with assistance from immigration experts who helps you out with the documentation process.

Receiving an Invitation to Apply:

This is the point where the Canadian Government sends you an Invitation to Apply saying that you can now obtain a Canadian PR Visa. You will be having 60 days from then to submit an application after which you have to go clear your medical exam & provide a police clearance certificate. Once when all this is done, you get your PR Card.

That was easy! Obtaining a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa can sometimes be an ever-lasting process without the right immigration path & guidance. But finding the right way to migrate can help you be in Canada in no time. With the Canadian government’s immigration plans to take in one million immigrants within the next three years, this should be the right time to start your Canadian immigration process.

For more details on Canadian immigration & clarifications, get in touch with our experts and get a free eligibility check to migrate to Canada!

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