Canada Welcomes Foreign Immigration, Plans To Fight Immigration Frauds & Fake Consultants

Canada plans to fight immigration fraud

Canada is built on the efforts and contribution of foreign immigration. As foreign immigration to Canada increases year on year and continues to rise post-pandemic, many aspirants turn to external consultants or other services for help.

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While most actors operate honestly under the ICCRC-license both at home & abroad, some unscrupulous actors can exploit the system and take advantage of people. The Government of Canada has recognized the fact and is now taking concrete actions in addition to running public awareness campaigns about immigration frauds & fake consultants.

The honourable minister, Marco Mendicino was quick to make the announcement of the opening of a new College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants on November 23, 2021.

Expert sources say that the announcement of creating a new college was long due since the previous term of the Trudeau-led federal government. The new College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants will become the official watchdog of consultants across the country. The College will be empowered with the authority and tools needed to protect both the public and consultants in good standing. 

These include “the authority for vigorous oversight, investigations and the means to root out fraudulent immigration and citizenship consultants and hold them accountable for their actions,” explained the press release. 

The College will ensure that immigration and citizenship consultants operate in a professional and ethical manner. It will have the authority to enter the premises of a consultant for investigation when any wrongdoing is suspected and the ability to request court injunctions against unauthorized consultants. The Government is also planning to entrust the College with: 

  • implementing mandatory and robust training courses for those wishing to obtain immigration and citizenship consulting license; 
  • introducing transparency on fees; 
  • establishing a better system for people to make formal complaints, and 
  • creating a victims compensation fund.

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Those who wish to come to Canada deserve honest, professional and ethical advice – and we have a responsibility to ensure they’re getting it. Our new College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants is a major milestone in these efforts. The creation of the new College delivers on our promise to better protect newcomers and bolsters Canada’s immigration system so it can continue to be the envy of the world.

  • Marco Mendicino, Honourable Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. 

Recognizing the government’s vision is a leading immigration agency called CanApprove. CanApprove is a certified immigration consultancy services provider with offices spread across India, UAE, Canada and Australia. We have been providing reliable immigration and study abroad consultancy services for more than two decades. 

Veronica Moye, President at CanApprove, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC License #R422511) and a licensed education & legal consultant. She is a Canadian citizen, a graduate of the University of British Columbia in Canada and specializes in Canadian immigration laws & educational processes.

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