Minister Unveils New Plans To Improve Canadian Immigration Applications Backlog

Minister Unveils New Plans To Improve Canadian Immigration Applications Backlog

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) is working hard and introducing new measures to tackle the increasing immigration backlog. The federal department is planning to hire 1,250 new employees by late fall in order to speed up processing capacity. Also, it has already launched a new website for public tracking of the immigration backlog.

Canada is expected to decrease application wait times and invite more new applications to be processed on par at pre-pandemic levels with these new measures. IRCC is keen to deliver on its earlier promise to return back to earlier service standard of six months for Express Entry programs.

Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser was in Vancouver when he detailed the media about the ongoing work at IRCC to reduce application backlogs, address labour shortages, and improve client experience. 

Immigration Backlog Data to Publish Monthly

IRCC raised the need to update aging technology to meet current demand aggravated by the recent pandemic. At the end of July, about 54% of immigration applications in the system have been there longer than the service standard

IRCC is targeting to process 80 per cent of new applications within their service standards.

In this context, IRCC will start publishing monthly data on their website and share more information in the coming weeks on additional measures being undertaken to improve the current system for immigration.

Right Time to Immigrate to Canada 

IRCC welcomed 405,0000 new permanent residents to Canada in 2021, with a 2022 target of 431,000 based on the Immigration Levels Plan. Canada is on track with nearly 275,000 new permanent residents arriving between January 1 to July 31. 

In the same period, about 349,000 new work permits have been issued, including 220,000 open work permits (OWP). An OWP allow permit holders to work anywhere in Canada in most occupations. Most likely beneficiaries include spouses of principal applicant. 

Study permit applications in Canada also saw 31% increase over 2021 levels with 360,000 permits finalizing so far in 2022.

Canada has even publicly declared its intention to increase the mass immigration of skilled workers, and international students in 2022 & beyond to settle there permanently. 

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