Immigration & Not Fertility Drove Canada’s Growth, Country Reaps the Benefits of Canada Immigration

benefits of canada immigration

2021 Census data on Canada’s population is out. Based on the analysis of the Canadian population captured on May 11, 2021, Statistics Canada lauds the benefits of Canada immigration policy adopted by the country. The previous census was conducted five years ago in 2016.

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Canada is now home to nearly 37 million people out of which 1.8 million people were added to the population over the past half-decade. The newly-released findings show that nearly four out of five people added were either temporary residents or immigrants with Canada permanent residency status.

The findings show that Canada grew about twice as fast as other G7 nations – France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. Canada continued its efforts to welcome more immigrants even in 2020 when the pandemic halted Canada’s population growth.

Canada Immigration Driving Population Growth

Much like other G7 countries, Canada has a low fertility rate. The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of Canada in 2020 was 1.46. It is not enough to grow the population.

The result of little out-migration and a low fertility rate means population growth has been fuelled by immigration.

Thanks to reaping the benefits of Canada immigration, the country is witnessing the fastest population growth driven by immigration. Canada has enabled a politico-economic and social environment where more people move to Canada than there have been leaving Canada. Canada’s immigration targets have risen annually since 2015.

The current Immigration Plan aims to welcome over 411,000 new immigrants. Out of which over 60 per cent would come from economic-class immigration programs. Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Quebec Immigration, and more.

Canada Invests $85 Million in Reducing Immigration Application Backlogs

Canada allocated $85 million in its 2021 Budget to improve immigration services and increase new Canada immigration applications in the coming years. Keeping this in mind, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser in an interview laid out a roadmap to apply for Canada immigration in 2022.

Fraser hopes to improve immigration services by returning to processing service standards for study permits, work permits, and Canada permanent residency renewals by the end of 2022. Using the $85 million budget, his department is also working on systems to reduce processing times for visitor visas and proof of citizenship.

Urban centres grew faster than rural areas because immigrants are far more likely to settle in cities.

Resort destinations such as Squamish, B.C.; Canmore, Alberta; as well as Wasaga Beach and Collingwood in Ontario, are among the fastest-growing communities in Canada.

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Direct Permanent Residency pathway, favourable immigration policies, and embracing multiculturalism still remain to be go-to marketing words for Canadian immigration. A new criterion is now added to the benefits of Canada immigration. Toronto, a Canadian city in Ontario with the highest percentage of the immigrant population, is ranked highly on equality, maternity, and wealth.

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