Demand For Foreign Talents In Canada Set To Increase With Many U.S. Employers Looking For Cross-Border Expansion

demand for foreign talent in canada

In its crucial phase of economic recovery, Canada is witnessing many U.S. companies set up its footprint or is expanding their base in Canada. 

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In a survey conducted by Envoy Global, a U.S. immigration services provider, 500 human resource professionals and hiring managers across the U.S. were surveyed about their desirability to shift to Canada. About 31% of surveyed U.S. employers have explicitly mentioned their desire to expand to Canada. Whereas 57% of respondents were either looking to expand to Canada or already did.

Canada’s liberal immigration system and quality of foreign skilled worker intake are known to have influenced the respondents. 

The survey also revealed that many U.S. companies had hired foreign workers in Canada in the last two three years. Evidently, the immigration system in the U.S. is far more restrictive than Canada which offers over 100+ economic-class immigration programs. As a result, Canada offers a larger quantity of visas available and more pathways to permanent residency.

The report further calls for reforms in the US immigration system without which the country would lose both employers and new foreign talent to countries with more favourable immigration policies, such as Canada

Take this free assessment online to determine your eligibility for various Canadian immigration programs. 

Qualify for Canada Economic-Class Immigration Programs

Express Entry: Since 2015, the Express Entry system has been the frontrunner in welcoming the maximum number of foreign skilled workers in Canada. It is a tool to manage three federal immigration programs- the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). 

Any interested candidate is required to register in the Express Entry pool. Upon registration, their profiles are evaluated and ranked based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). It is majorly based on core human capital factors like age, educational qualifications, work experience, proficiency in English or French. Click here to know how evaluating criteria may differ when applying for Canada PR along with your spouse. 

With regular conduct of nomination draws by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a required number of invitations to apply for permanent residency are issued to eligible candidates. These candidates usually have their CRS score over and above the qualifying score determined in each draw. 

Canada is eyeing about 108,000 ITAs for Canada PR in 2021, out of which nearly 60,000 ITAs have already been issued to eligible candidates. 

Provincial Nominee Programs: Over the three successful decades in inviting foreign skilled workers, PNPs have become the second most important avenue for them to obtain permanent residence in Canada. The unique arrangement between federal, provincial and territorial governments have allowed a certain degree of autonomy for provincial and territorial governments in selecting desirable candidates suiting to their unique labour demands. 

PNPs can expedite your permanent residency process by issuing provincial nominations to those candidates who have either graduated from any institution located in the province or have some work experience in the province. Additionally, Express Entry candidates with a successful provincial nomination may receive up to 600 points to their overall CRS score. This is more than enough to guarantee their permanent residency in Canada. 

Canada is targeting up to 80,800 ITAs for provincial nominations in 2021. So far, the most active provinces such as British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia have achieved about 25% of the total target in terms of issuing nominations. 

Business Immigration: Canada is also looked upon as an ideal place for entrepreneurs/investors to migrate and establish their own businesses. Through a range of federal programs like Canada Start-up Visa, Canada Investors Visas and provinces like British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario boasting of a dedicated immigration stream, investors/entrepreneurs can plan to settle permanently in Canada. 

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If you are looking for better career chances and high living standards, there’s no easier option than to immigrate to Canada. Contact CanApprove to help you identify your suitable immigration stream.

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