Immigration Is Changing Canada’s Demography & Looks To Make It Ethnocultural By 2041

Immigration Is Changing Canada’s Demography & Looks To Make It Ethnocultural By 2041

Canada is set to exceed its annual target of 431,000 new permanent residents in 2022. Following this, Statistics Canada released its projection for Canada’s demographic makeup in the year 2041.

These projections are based on 2016 population census and notes that immigration will continue being one of Canada’s primary population drivers over the coming decades.

If Canada continues to maintain immigration friendly policies, the number of immigrants and their Canadian-born children in Canada could be somewhere between 23.7 and 25.9 million, i.e. more than half the the projected Canadian population of 47.7 million in 2041.

Further, forecasts suggest that 1 in 4 Canadians will be born in either Asia or Africa by the year 2041.

Half of the Canadian Population will be Immigrants and their Canadian-Born Children

In line with the expected increase in Canada’s immigrant population, it is anticipated that, by 2041, “immigrants and their Canadian-born children” could account for 52.4% of the country’s total population based on the reference scenario used by StatsCan. 

The above percentage (52.4%) may be just in the middle range of possible outcomes. In fact, it is suggested that the actual number could be as high as 54.3% (with the low-end figure coming in at 49.8%).

Between 9.9 and 13.9 million African or Asian-born people are estimated to be a part of Canada’s total population in 2041. 

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver will Attract More Immigrants 

Immigrants continue to prefer provinces like Ontario, British Columbia & Quebec as top choices of settling in Canada. 

Several key reasons for this continuation include factors as pressures on the housing market and the development of urban infrastructure. The metropolitian cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver will be the epicenter of attracting immigration population. 

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