Survey: International Students Prefer Canada For Convenience Of Obtaining Permanent Residency

International Students Prefer Canada For Convenience Of Obtaining Permanent Residency

2021 annual international student survey is out and the findings are interesting to note. International students are known to choose Canada more for its reputation of being a safe and inclusive country for foreigners. Further, 40% of the students chose Canada in the hope of becoming permanent residents after graduation. 

Over 41,000 students from 67 Canadian educational institutions participated in the survey conducted by the Canadian Board of International Education (CBIE). 

The survey asked them about why they decided to study in Canada, their experiences while studying and their post-graduation plans. The students provided input on their experiences with all aspects of studying in Canada. 

Canada shows a high rate of acceptance for international students

Most students reported a positive experience of living and studying in Canada. 

This survey is significant because for the first time the criteria of safety outranked educational reputation as the deciding factor for students choosing to study in Canada. 

  • An overwhelming 80% of respondents chose Canada for the safety over the reputation of educational institutions in Canada. 
  • Nearly 70% of student respondents preferred Canada for its world-class reputation.  
  • Additionally, over half of respondents said Canada’s tolerance, diversity, and inclusivity made it attractive as a place to study.

On being asked about their arrival in coming to Canada, the majority of respondents described coming to Canada as relatively easy. 

Interestingly, where 39% of the respondents cited difficulty in obtaining a study visa, ‘getting a letter of acceptance from an educational institution’ criteria ranked as the easiest part of coming to Canada in the survey findings. 

Some respondents reported accommodation listings as the biggest difficulty. 

The survey asked students about their post-graduation plans to which many respondents indicated their interest in qualifying for Canadian permanent residency. 

Remaining respondents expressed their interest in gaining international work experience in Canada before returning to their home countries. 

Overall, international students are well-retained by Canada after graduation. 

Options for international students in Canada after graduation

If you’re planning to pursue your study abroad in Canada & qualify for Canadian permanent residency, you may consider the following programs: 

  1. Post Graduation Work Permit

The  survey found that over 70% of students wish to stay in Canada on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and gain full-time work experience. 

Getting a PGWP allows you to gain valuable Canadian work experience that can count toward an application for permanent residence.

A PGWP is an open work permit issued based on how long your graduation program was, up to a maximum of three years. 

Schedule a Free Counselling Appointment with study abroad experts at CanApprove. 

  1. Canadian Experience Class

Graduates with atleast one year of work experience on a PGWP qualifies under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) for Canadian permanent residency. 

Graduates need one year of working in Canada and meet a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 7 for jobs with NOC 0 or A. 

CEC is one of the most preferred programs under the Express Entry system. 

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs

Most provinces have programs designed specifically for recently graduated international students, each with unique eligibility criteria. They act similar to CEC but at regional level. 

On successful provincial nominations, candidates may qualify for Express Entry to obtain permanent residency.

  1. Quebec Experience Program

The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) is for international students who completed their studies in Quebec. You may be eligible for this program, if you have a high proficiency in the French language, are 18 or older and you intend to live and work in Quebec.

Further more, Canada has over 100 economic class pathways that international students may be eligible to apply for. Certified immigration consultants like CanApprove will assess your academic profile and work experience to suggest the most suitable immigration program. 

Take this free assessment online to determine your eligibility for Canadian immigration.

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