Prospects of Immigration to Canada Brightens with the Release of New Mandate Letter

new mandate letter for canada immigration

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed the new mandate letters after resuming power at the federal level for the third consecutive time.

As for the practice that continues In Canada, the Prime Minister issues mandate letters unique to each ministry. The mandate letter outlines the priorities that the federal government expects its ministers to pursue during their tenure.

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Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister, and his department Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be guided by the priorities outlined in the mandate letter. We can expect to see more positive changes not only in federal immigration policies but provincial ones as well.

Following the victory of the Liberal Party for the successive terms, Trudeau appointment Sean Fraser as the new Immigration Minister. Fraser is a trained lawyer from Nova Scotia that was first elected to Parliament in 2015. He replaces Marco Mendicino who served as immigration minister since 2019, and who is now Minister of Public Safety.

Click here to read the official copy of the mandate letter given to Sean Fraser.

New Mandate Letter Wants to Reduce Delays in Immigration to Canada 

People planning their immigration to Canada in near future have a better chance of qualifying. The mandate letter wants the Immigration Minister and naturally, IRCC to:

  • Reduce application processing times for immigration to Canada.
  • Create more permanent residence pathways via Express Entry for international students and temporary foreign workers.
  • Introduce electronic applications for family reunification.
  • Implement a program to provide temporary residence to spouses and children abroad while they await the processing of their permanent residence applications.

IRCC’s backlog stood at 1.8 million applications as of October 2021. This includes permanent residence, temporary residence, and Canadian citizenship applications. The mandate letter aims to address delays that have been impacted by COVID-19.

Some sources confirm that Canada is looking to welcome 23,500 immigrants under the PGP in 2022. The mandate letter re-affirms the push for more family reunification programs.

Additionally, Canada’s immigration policy is shifting towards becoming more gender-neutral. As a matter of fact, Toronto is ranked number one for Career Oriented Immigrant Women. It will boost immigration to Canada as more young families will now want to settle permanently and contribute positively to the Canadian economy and society.

New Mandate Letter Opens More Avenues for Immigration to Canada 

Apart from strengthening the existing Canadian immigration system, the new mandate also targets at:

  • Creating a new Municipal Nominee Program (MNP).
  • Waiving Canadian citizenship application fees.
  • Establish a Trusted Employer system.
  • Push francophone immigration and increase the French-speaking population outside the region of Quebec.

The purpose of the MNP is to help promote the broader distribution of immigration across Canada. Currently, immigration to Canada is concentrated majorly in the regions of Toronto, Vancouver or Quebec city.

In addition, Fraser is to also ensure immigration better supports small- and medium-sized communities.

Through the new mandate letter, the government has asked Fraser to work with the Employment Minister to establish a Trusted Employer system for Canadian companies hiring temporary foreign workers.

The federal government is also seeking to improve the Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) by simplifying work permit renewals, upholding the two-week processing standard, and establishing an employer hotline.

Since assuming power in 2015, the Liberal Party has pursued a policy of aggressively higher immigration levels. This has resulted in increasing immigration from some 300,000 arrivals per year to a current target of over 400,000 per year.

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