Overseas STEM graduates find better opportunities in Canada or Australia

Overseas STEM graduates find better opportunities in Canada or Australia

Graduates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) now hold a better chance of obtaining Permanent Residency Visa in Canada or Australia. This opportunity comes in the backdrop of stricter immigration policies set by developed western countries like the USA.

Australia and Canada are now the top nations for immigrants for their standard of life, higher education opportunities, and exciting career options in emerging IT industries and other skilled professions. Both Australia and Canada are home to fast-growing IT and related industries. This provides an exciting employment opportunity for overseas STEM graduates to make a better living out of their skills.

According to the US News and Report rankings, Canada tops in the quality of life that it offers to its immigrants whereas Australia stands seventh on this parameter. Canada is ranked second for its citizenship value, while Australia is at the eighth position on the same parameter.

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Applying for Permanent Residence Visa as a STEM graduate in Canada or Australia has been made easier and more welcoming this year. Various provinces in Canada, including Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and British Columbia have increased nomination targets in 2019 as compared to previous years. The provinces such as Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba, in their respective Provincial Nominee Programs, give special preference to IT professionals. All these developments are in line with the federal policy of the Canadian government to invite over 400,000 immigrants by 2022.

The recent changes made to the point-based immigration system of Australia have increased the prospects of overseas STEM graduates to immigrate easily to the country. The new notification will enable STEM graduates to get an additional 10 immigration points, which in turn will improve their probability of getting an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence in Australia. The other changes to immigration system include awarding additional points to applicants with skilled spouse, applicants without a spouse, applicants having a spouse with a certain level of language proficiency and applicants nominated by a State government or sponsored by a family member residing in Australia.

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