Interview: Minister Lays Roadmap to Apply for Canada Immigration in 2022 & Beyond

Roadmap to Apply for Canada Immigration

In a recent TV interview, Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser offered fresh insights on the prospects to apply for Canada immigration. The interview was aired on Prime Asia TV Canada and discussed a number of topics relating to Canadian immigration. 

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Mr. Fraser spoke on a wide range of immigration topics including the
new mandate letter, current backlogs while applying for Canada immigration, newer avenues for international students to plan their study in Canada, and prioritizing Parents & Grandparents Program (PGP), as he discussed how the federal government is planning to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Currently, Canada has two normal years’ worth of immigration applications in the inventory, but it does not mean IRCC will not consider new applications, reaffirmed Minister. 

Immigration to Canada as Nurse to be Prioritized

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser confirmed plans to allow more foreign health care workers to settle in Canada in the upcoming months. Experts say it will boost opportunities for immigration to Canada as Nurse as there are roughly about three health care workers for every senior in Canada, and the labor shortage issue will only keep growing.

Minister is expecting close co-operation from Canada Provincial Nominee Programs to increase the immigration of foreign-trained Nurses in Canada. 

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Express Entry Draws & PR Programs for International Students

There’s some work that needs to be done to get there, but I’m committed to doing that work,” Fraser said in reference to the new mandate letter, which calls to find pathways to permanent residence for international students and temporary foreign workers. 

The million-dollar question still remains, ‘when will IRCC resume regular Canada Express Entry draws?’ Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have failed to conduct a regular nomination draw since December 2020. This excluded the major category of off-shore candidates who qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Off-late, IRCC is only inviting candidates with prior Provincial Nominations to apply for permanent residency. 

During the interview, Fraser threw light on his department’s intention to resume FSWP & CEC draws for Express Entry soon. He also expressed his interest in exploring simpler permanent residence pathways for international students. 

PGP Stream remains a Challenge

“One of the things that makes PGP the most challenging stream is the demand we have given the spaces that are traditionally available,” Fraser said.

Minister admitted the challenge of accommodating about 200,000 applicants in some 10,000 allowed spaces for the Parents & Grandparents Program (PGP) in any given year. 

Under PGP, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada. Parents and grandparents who are eligible under this program may apply for Canada immigration to obtain permanent residency. Further, doors to apply for Canadian citizenship will also open. 

On the criticism of the present lottery system for the selection of eligible sponsors, Fraser said, “although it does not work out for everyone it does put everyone on equal footing.” Minister is also actively seeking feedback from colleagues to devise a better methodology for PGP applications this year.

Current Backlogs to Apply for Canada Immigration 

A recent internal memo of IRCC referred to the processing time of 20 months for FSWP candidates and about 8 months for CEC candidates. 

Fraser cleared the speculation of everyone having to wait for this long to apply for Canada immigration through Express Entry. Meanwhile, he promised to continue holding Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)-specific Express Entry draws. 

Minister acknowledged Canada’s dependence on foreign skilled workers. He saw 100% of labor force growth in recent years came from foreign workers. However, the issue of slow work-permit processing still remains. 

Minister is confident about addressing the problem with Canada’s $85 million budget to improve the immigration system. Fraser anticipates the Trusted Employer Stream will reduce barriers for employers that have a good track record of hiring foreign workers.

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