The Right Time To Apply For Canadian Immigration

Apply For Canadian Immigration

Canadian businesses are dependent heavily on skilled immigration to fulfill increasing job vacancies across indsutries. 

As a matter of fact, two-thirds of Canadian businesses surveyed by the Business Council of Canada (BCC) are already hiring talent from abroad. 

Canadian immigration programs support the immigration of economic-class candidates with good work experience, educational qualifications, and language proficiency in English or French. 

The country favors more immigrants in the age group of 25-32 years to apply for Canada PR. 

Demand for immigrants in the Canadian labor market

Canada is facing a labor shortage that is bound to increase into 2030 as a consequence of aging demography. Labor shortages are particularly pronounced in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. These are also the Canadian provinces with the highest density of immigrant population. 

Canada’s tech sector has been hit hardest by labor shortages. Now more professions such as computer science, engineering, and information tech are in high demand in these regions. 

Our experts at CanApprove predict more scope for such professionals to receive invitations to apply for permanent residency. 

Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 looks to welcome over 450,000 new permanent residents per year by 2024. Canada offers a multitude of work permits and economic class immigration pathways.

Fill-in this free online assessment to know more about your eligibility for various other immigration programs.  

Employer-sponsored Canada immigration options

Popular immigration programs like Global Talent Stream, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) cater to the needs of employers to hire foreign talent easily. 

Express Entry Programs

Express Entry is the most preferred pathway for skilled immigrants to obtain Canadian permanent residency.

Over the years, more candidates with tech backgrounds are seen qualifying for permanent residence under Express Entry.

The most popular among other Express Entry option is the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) & Canadian Experience Class. 

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: This program is for those with at least one year of work experience (outside Canada) that falls under National Occupational Codes (NOC) 0, A or B, as most tech sector jobs do. 
  • Canadian Experience Class: Those with one year of Canadian work experience completed in the past five years, as well as meet minimum language requirements may apply. Usually, international students qualify under this program. 

Temporary Work Permits 

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) is a temporary work permit that falls under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). It is exclusively for candidates with work experience in tech occupations and meant to meet the urgent demands of the rapidly growing tech sector.

Business must complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before hiring candidates under this program. LMIA is an assessment to determine no local talent is available for the said job vacancy. 

The candidate that businesses intend to hire must submit their work permit application to Immigrants, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Apply For Canadian immigration with CanApprove

The processing times and onerous application processes can act as barriers to enter Canada. Here is where a certified immigration consultant like CanApprove may help. 

CanApprove analyzes your work experience and academic background to suggest suitable immigration program. The follow-up of your documentation process is standardized to meet desired results. 

We are not just any immigration consultants but registered agents with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). 

Book an appointment with us to discuss to Apply For your Canadian immigration in 2022 & beyond. 

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