Immigration to Canada More Rewarding as Wages Rise Owing to Tight Labour Market

Plan your Immigration as wages in canada rise

The Canadian labour market that already boasts of well-paid jobs will witness a positive change in the 2022 salary and workforce planning of major business organizations in Canada. Employers are projecting an average annual salary increase of 2.7 per cent, excluding salary freezes, in 2022.

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Experts say that a tight labour market has caused ‘the great resignation,’ which is forcing organizations to adjust pay levels by the highest percentage in the last five years. A tight labour market is a situation when an economy is close to full employment and recruitment becomes difficult placing upward pressure on wages.

Expected salary increases and declining salary freezes are a positive news story. For one, Canadian employees should feel confident as all the stakeholders are looking up to the new year for the economy to recover post-pandemic. Second, it will attract more foreign skilled talents who’re looking for higher wages and progressive career opportunities in developed countries like Canada.

High Bargaining Power for IT, Hospitality and Construction Sectors

The biggest increases in wages will be witnessed in the construction, hospitality and IT sectors. The wages, excluding salary freezes, are expected to be hiked by up to 3 per cent in these sectors. Healthcare and social assistance, education, media, arts and culture sectors will see an increase in wages by 2 per cent next year.

Meanwhile, employers in these sectors are facing a shortage of qualified workers, attraction and retention of workers. The government is prioritizing the immigration of foreign skilled workers to aid these employers to fulfil their workforce demand.

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Immigration Programs in Canada

With the liberals forming the government for the third consecutive time, the immigration of foreign economic-class immigrants will be given more priority. Canada has already set an annual target of welcoming nearly 401,000 new immigrants in the next three years.

If you have the right set of skills and qualifications, you may migrate to Canada. The popular immigration pathways include Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, and more for foreigner skilled workers, international graduates and business entrepreneurs to apply for permanent residence.

In fact, Canada offers direct permanent residence to eligible candidates even without a job offer or prior work experience in Canada.

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