Canada Permanent Residency

Canada is often known & addressed as one of the best places in the world to live as a family or to expand one’s business opportunities to work, study & more. The Canadian government makes sure that residents & citizens of Canada get to live & experience life at the highest standards which are one main reason why immigrants from all parts of the world wish to immigrate to Canada by obtaining a Canadian permanent residency.

What is Canada Permanent Residency?

The Canadian government has different immigration programs for immigrants who wish to immigrate and obtain Canadian Permanent Residency. A Canadian Permanent Residency is nothing but granting the permanent resident status of a foreign individual who has migrated to Canada. An individual is a Canadian Permanent Resident gets to enjoy certain benefits as a citizen does.
Immigration Programs That Offer Canadian Permanent Residency: -
Not all Canadian Immigration Programs offer Canadian Permanent Residency to individuals. Below-listed are certain immigration programs that offer an individual to obtain a Canadian PR status.
  • Express Entry System
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Investors & Self-Employed
  • Family Sponsorship & more.,

Express Entry System: -

The Express Entry is a system brought into existence by the Canadian Government in order to help skilled workers migrate to Canada and apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. Skilled workers get to migrate under programs like Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades and certain Provincial Nominee Programs.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program: -

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a program that is handled by the government of Quebec and differs from the Canadian government’s other immigration programs. Applicant’s getting selected under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program get to apply for a Canadian permanent resident visa and can also bring along family members with them.
Investors & Self-Employed: -
Individuals those who wish to invest in the economy of Canada and become self-employed after migrating to Canada can make use of this category. Once the candidate becomes eligible and after meeting certain requirements, he/she gets to become a Canadian permanent resident.

Family Sponsorship: -

An individual who is a citizen of Canada or a Canadian Permanent Resident can provide support to their family member by sponsoring them to immigrate to Canada. The sponsored applicant can later become a Canadian permanent resident by meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident: -

  • On obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency status, an individual can live, work or study anywhere in Canada according to his/her own will.
  • A Canadian permanent resident can also apply for Canadian Citizenship on meeting the mentioned eligibility requirements.
  • The individual gets to enjoy healthcare and all social benefits that the Canadian government offers to its citizens.

Other Important Things to Know About Canadian Permanent Residency: -

  • Though an individual becomes a Canadian Permanent Resident he/she cannot vote or get themselves in indulged in any political activities.
  • He/she cannot obtain a job that needs clearance from a high-security level.
  • On becoming a permanent resident, you can live both outside and inside Canada. On living outside, he/she should make sure that they at least live in Canada for a period of two years out of five years. If he/she fails to do the same, it may result in loss of their permanent resident status.
  • The PR holder should ensure that they carry their PR card on travelling back to Canada from other countries.
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