Permanent Residency by Investment

The term immigration and the actions followed by it has become more & more popular during the recent decades as people get to know more about the opportunities they get on immigrating to a new country. Every single country has its own immigration programs which could attract potential immigrants from all parts of the world. One common immigration option that most of the countries offer is the Permanent Residency by Investment option.

What is Permanent Residency & Permanent Residency by Investment?

Permanent Residency is the status a foreign individual gets in a country which allows him/her to enjoy certain rights within the country as a citizen does. Though being a permanent resident and being a citizen of a country are entirely two different things, an individual can enjoy and use up to the maximum benefits with restrictions in certain fields. A permanent resident status can be obtained by an individual by a lot of methods and Permanent Residency by Investment is one feasible option. Permanent Residency by Investment is where an individual gets a permanent resident visa from a country when he/she invests in the country’s economy. Obtaining permanent residency via this method is quite faster when compared to other methods.

Reasons Why You Should Opt for Permanent Residency by Investment: -

Whilst there are many other options for becoming a permanent resident of a country, below listed are the reasons why you should opt for permanent residency by investment option.

Visa-Free Travel: -

Obtaining a permanent residency in a well-developed country which has a high passport value allows you to travel visa-free to certain countries. This eventually will increase the global mobility options for an individual. The number of countries an applicant could travel without a visa depends on the factor which country’s permanent resident he/she is.

Security & Safety: -

Obtaining permanent residency in a country which is politically & economically smooth will allow the individual to live a life at peace which makes it the perfect condition to raise a family.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities: -

The individual migrating to a new country by opting for Permanent Residency by Investment option gets unfolded in front of him/her an endless number of entrepreneurship opportunities. The Visa-free travel will be a great advantage for those who wish to visit nearby countries for business purposes.

The Opportunity to Bring Family Members: -

Not all the immigration programs proposed by different countries allow individuals to migrate along with their family. But the permanent residency by investment option allows individuals to bring along their family and give them a Permanent Resident status which could make their life better by immense strides!
Education: -
Education stands as one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life. Immigrating to a country under the permanent residency by investment option gains individuals access to some of the best institutions & schools in the world.

How Would the Country be Benefitted from Permanent Residency by Investment Programmes?

Foreign Direct Investment is one important reason & benefit the host country gets by the permanent residency by investment program. The investment made by the foreigners is used for the growth & development of the country’s economy.

Requirements to Migrate Under Permanent Residency by Investment: -

Immigrating to a new country under the permanent residency by investment program requires an individual to meet certain conditions to be considered eligible. Below listed are some of the mandatory conditions to be met:
  • The applicant should possess the required investment proposed by the particular county he/she wishes to immigrate to.
  • The applicant should also possess acceptable proof that the money made by him/her are completely legal and falls under the law.
  • The applicant should produce proof of his/her past entrepreneurial experience.
Immigrating through Permanent Residency by Investment requires an individual to go through a certain set of procedures which has to be carried out with accuracy & perfection. Even the slightest mistake could prolong or sabotage the processing up to a great extent. It is better that you speak out to experts for your immigration process. Get in touch with our team of experts to know more about Permanent Residency by Investment.