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Simple steps to study in Canada for overseas education planners!

  1. Choose what you want to study in Canada

This is one of the crucial moves to make in your life. Because choosing the right program to study in Canada holds the potency to transform your life into what you envision.

Make sure you choose a program relevant to your interest and as well as to your education track and work experience. Because it’s open that Canada strictly refrains choosing cross major programs. So, sticking to your education track and work experience is advised.


  1. Choose where you would like to study in Canada

Choose your place to live and study in Canada. Canada is a country of fascination with disparate landscapes. There is a wide range of scenes like dense forests, grasslands, mountains, lakes, beaches, and what not?

It would be difficult for you to choose between but you have to. Anywhere it might be, however, the education, lifestyle, cultural diversity and cuisines are going to be enchanting, an all-new which make you fell never before and never again experience. Almost all the provinces in Canada have well-performing educational institutions. So, the ball is in your court!


  1. Reach out to a legit educational consultant to study in Canada

Seeking the advice of an authentic overseas education consultant may reduce your burden and chaos in making your Canada education plans.  There is a plethora of them out there.  Choose a legitimate educational consultant who could walk with you on the journey of making Canada study plans.


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  1. Chat with our counsellor to know more

Here at CanApprove, we have expert overseas education consultants who have been helping a lot of abroad study aspirants now!

You can talk to one of our education counsellors who completely assists you in choosing the right institution, making up your profile, meeting the eligibility criteria and optimising your financial requirements.


  1. We are here to get your application and offer letter

Perfect documentation makes the offer letter from DLI, a viable one. Your admission process will be carried out seamlessly by our team. Precisely, we apply to your program with all the necessary documents (to the list of institutions of your desire) and make sure that your admission process is successful. Connect with us.


  1. Be prepared for payments and documents necessary

At the time of Visa submission, you must produce the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) to ensure that you can self-support and look after you while studying in Canada. This is to assert that you have enough source for food, accommodation, travel and other living expenses. Also, a physical fitness certificate is demanded to vouch for your proven medical records. At the time of admission, you are asked to submit all your education transcripts, along with IELTS score card, Experience certificates (if available) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR).

To simplify this, our documentation team will help you with the nook and corners of the document compilation process and make payments through authorized channels. Yes! We do…


  1. Apply for a Canada student visa

In the wake of your offer letter from the institution you applied to, you can pay the admission fees and get cleared with the application process. Later, you can apply for a student visa through our visa processing team. Cool eh?


  1. Make a checklist for all your necessities

Student visa processing time may range between 6 and 8 months. In the meantime, you can make the checklist of all the basic necessities to move to Canada. This is the perfect time for you to figure out all your needs.


  1. Pack your bags and board your flight!

All set. Once your student visa got stamped, book your ticket, pack your bags and board the flight. Haha! Not so vague, as there will be a brief pre-departure discussion from our end to make your journey perfect.


  1. Don’t forget to share your experience with us…

It would definitely be a successful and hassle-free journey. Take a deep breath and kickstart your student life. Don’t forget to post your reviews of our service.

Connect with us to know more about planning your education in Canada.


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