Net Overseas Migration To Australia Gains 171,000 in 2021-22

Net Overseas Migration To Australia Gains 171,000 in 2021-22

The recent data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) noted the net overseas migration resulted in an addition of 170,840 people to Australia’s population in FY 2021-22 which ended on 30 June 2022. 

Net overseas migration is the net gain or loss of population through international migration to and from Australia. 

ABS data recorded a 171% increase in migrant arrivals to 395,000 from 146,000 arrivals a year ago. At the same time, Australia witnessed a decrease of 3% (224,000) in migrant departures from 230,900 departures a year ago. 

While this pattern was interrupted in 2020-21 due to the impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions, we are seeing a return to this pre-pandemic migration pattern in 2021-22,” confirmed ABS head of migration  to Australia statistics, Jenny Dobak. 

Additionally, the opening up of Australian universities for international students caused a significant rise in temporary visa arrivals to Australia. The country saw a large increase in temporary visa arrivals when compared to the last assessment year (239,900 from 29,600). 

Further, the number of people migrating to Australia on permanent visas almost doubled in 2021-22 compared with 2020-21 (67,900 from 37,000).

State-Wise Increase in Immigrants 

Net overseas migration in every Australian state and territory increased in 2021-22 compared with 2020-21.

Australian State Number of Immigrants
New South Wales 62,210
Victoria 55,630
Queensland 23,430
South Australia 12,080
Western Australia 9,500
Australia Capital Territory 3,120
Tasmania 2,740
Northern Territory 2,130
Total 170,840

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Best Time for Teachers & Nurses to Plan Their Australian Immigration

Australia will prioritize skilled immigrants located outside Australia for provisional and permanent skilled visa applications in 2023. Australian skilled visa applications will now be decided in the following order of priority: 

  • Healthcare or teaching occupation applications
  • Applicants nominated by an approved sponsor with accredited status (for employer-sponsored visas) 
  • Visas for a designated regional area
  • Visas for permanent and provisional visa subclasses
  • All other visa applications

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