Best student cities in Canada!

Best Student Cities in Canada

Student Cities in Canada

Canada, being the most preferred country for migrants has also gained prominence among international students from various countries who plan to set up their education in an overseas country. If you are reading this, then you should also be a student aspiring to study in an overseas country (Canada, Perhaps!).


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To be honest, you won’t be disappointed by picking any city in Canada with closed eyes to set up your higher education owing to the amenities and the education system that makes a conducive learning environment possible. With a lot of student activities that are fun-filled and knowledgeable, Canada is very much a country for education. But still, based on various factors, the Canadian cities that are best for international students are scrutinized. Let’s discussed in brief.



Why is Montréal in the list? I can hear you wonder. This is because, Montreal for a long time now is the top city being the home for Canada’s highest-ranking institutions, including McGill University, the 24th best of its kind in the world. Possessing a cosmopolitan nature, Montreal is a largely English-speaking province with a wonderful public transit system that operates in 200 bus routes. Alongside bus transport, metro and regional trains are in favour of the students who want a less expensive yet convenient transport system.



Secondly, it’s Toronto, being recognized as the perfect city to live in the world by metropolis magazine. Akin to the McGill University, UoT, the University of Toronto is listed in the 34th position of top universities in the world.

Being known as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Canada, Toronto, with the blend of various cultures, provide safe and an all-new, comfy learning environment for international students. It’s a destination for international students with a complete pack of opportunities like business sector, reception for immigrants, part-time and full-time job opportunities and many more which attracts their attention.



Next is Ottawa, the 49th ranked. This city is the epitome of diversity with a cosmopolitan nature. With two great universities housed in the province, it’s the favourite pick for students. The University of Ottawa, that is ranked 284th among the 500 best universities of the world in one of the 2 universities housed in the province. Being graced by many big technology companies, Ottawa attracts a plethora of international students every year.



Vancouver undoubtedly leaves you awestruck with its eye-catching scenery. If you’re looking to study in Canada, what’s a better bet if it is not Vancouver? The University of British Columbia, commonly called UBC is ranked the 50th best in the world, and it’s located in Vanc ‘scenic’ ouver. Yet another university best ranked is the Simon Fraser University having rooted in the middle of the conserved area of Burnaby Mountain. With a fascinating atmosphere and lively setting, both are fun-filled to study at.



Lastly, is our picture-perfect city, Quebec! I don’t want to sin by omitting this province from the list. Surprisingly, It’s the 55th best city in the world to live and study in Canada. With almost all the programs that an international student needs, the Quebec universities are bestowing the best student life. So does the city.

Are you intrigued about planning your study in Canada? Then, consider setting it up in the above-discussed cities. Connect with our experts for personalised consultation and guidance for Canada education. Our education consultants are bringing out the best possibility for the students aspiring to study in Canada. Apply with CanApprove!

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